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5 Steps to Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance

If you are like most new swimming pool owners, you are simply amazed at how much fun a swimming pool can be.  And it is a lot of fun…in the beginning.  Then, reality sets in and you realize that you have to do swimming pool maintenance.  As a result, this article is going to discuss a few pool maintenance activities you should perform.

First, you should shock your swimming pool on a weekly basis.  Shocking your pool will help cleanse it of chemical compounds while sanitizing it.  If you forget to shock your pool, you will realize it because the pool’s chlorine will give off a very strong odor.

Second, you should add the proper amount of chlorine to the pool at the prescribed amounts.  Chlorine will kill the bacteria, while keeping the pool in a hygienic state.

Third, you should clean your pool on a weekly basis using an automatic pool cleaner.  While you can use a manual pool cleaner, we personally believe that using a manual pool cleaner is simply too much work.  With an automatic pool cleaner, you turn it on and it does the rest of the work.

Fourth, when the swimming pool is not in use, you should use a swimming pool cover.  A pool cover will keep unwanted debris from entering the pool.  In addition, if you use a pool cover, then you will not have to clean the pool water as nearly as often.

Fifth, we recommend you check your swimming pool skimmer basket on a weekly basis.  This is important because this basket can easily become full.

As you can see, swimming pool maintenance really does not have to be that hard.  With a little effort and preparation, you can spend more time swimming and less time cleaning the pool.  If you have any further questions about swimming pools, we recommend you visit the Swimming Pool Loans Guide.