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Install a swimming pool safety net this summer for peace of mind

pool safety netMany swimming pool safety nets are simple to DIY install.  You need a net that is just small enough so that the head of a toddler can’t fit through – 4 inches say – but isn’t so small that it looks safe enough to walk on.  You know the kind of things that I am talking about.  If you look at even the thinnest meshes it appears to the mind that it is quite solid to walk on, you might even test your weight on it!  Many of these safety nets for pools are made out of tough nylon cord, and if the mesh size is too small then you might just risk it.  Certainly a toddler who is unaware of the dangers will!

What you need is something that LOOKS as though it will be difficult to walk on.  Ideally it should even feel difficult to crawl on, so going for one which is made of an abrasive material is important.

Then next thing you need to consider is shrinkage or expansion.  The anchor points are designed so that it is impossible for under 12’s to remove it, so once they are in, they are in.  But if the net shrinks you will crack the moorings, and if it expands it might provide enough gap for a child to crawl under like a cargo net to access the water surface.  You also need them to be made from a material that isn’t going to be weakened by prolonged exposure to UVA light from the sun, heat, or even the chlorine you put in the pool.  In fact with the right net you can continue to treat your pool without ever having to remove it.

Some pool nets come with a portable roller system which is ideal.  Pull it out, roll it back up again.  Nice and easy storage for when you want to be by the pool, or at least you can keep a watchful eye out on your children.

Nets and other safety devices aren’t hard to fit, and will keep your kids safe this summer, so really it’s worth looking into.