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How to Maintain Above Ground Pool Liners

When hot weather season rolls around most people start to dream about cooling off in a body of water somewhere.  If it is in the back yard it is either an inground or above ground pool.  A pool liner is the visible interior part that gives the pool its character and charm. It is the image that is seen when the swimmer takes a dive.

The above ground swimming pool version is usually 6 feet deep as opposed to the 3 to 10 and 12 foot options inground versions offer.  Common shapes include circle, rectangular or oval.  Kidney, and other custom shapes are most commonly seen inground.  Vinyl above ground pool liners come in several different styles such as:

A. Overlapping

B. Beaded

C. Unibead – J, V, Hang, Hung or Universal as also known

The overlapping option is most often chosen.  A doughboy selection makes circle and oval shapes expandable.

Liners are easy to install, and most owners do install them on their own.  Each section is usually clamped together until the last section is completed.  At that point assistance is needed to hold the pool while the last sections are secured.  They are secured with duct tape, masonry sand, and/or mortar.  Finally coping strips separate the sections.  If the beaded or universal is chosen, the process is just as easy as the liner is hung over the ledge with a beaded track.  Installation instructions are available on many sites where liners are sold.  They are also included with purchases.  The process only takes about six hours to complete.

Above ground pool liners will last for several years as long  as they are maintained properly.  Gorilla guard is used to coat the liner.  The owner should periodically check for cracks, rips and loose gaskets or faceplates.  Coping strips need replacement when they become brittle.  For safety all pools should be covered during seasons when not in use.