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Beware of Poison Oak in Your Garden

The garden is often a place of relaxation and peace, but not all plants are made the same! As a matter of fact, some plants contain substances and toxins that can cause serious adverse reactions in your skin, among them we have poison ivy, poison sumac, and the plant that I will talk about in this article: poison oak.

In all three of them, the root problem is the same: Urushiol. This is a toxin present in these plants that causes a severe allergic reaction in a great percentage of the population, some estimates indicating that 3 out of 4 people suffer from urushiol-induced contact dermatitis.

There are people who are immune to the effects of this toxin, but in every case, over time the immunity will wear down, making these people more and more prone to develop a poison oak skin rash.

If you come in contact with poison oak, you should prepare for some of the worst of weeks of your life. And there is no poison oak cure that will totally get rid of the problem. Medicine has yet to find a way, and all treatments are aimed at relieving the symptoms, mainly the itching and the formation of blisters.

How bad can the rash get? It can get pretty bad! A lot of people only develop redness and small blisters, while other people have a stronger reaction from their immune system, and this shows with the appearance of big oozing blisters. In severe cases, some prescription medicine is used by the doctor.

So, the main prevention step, is to get rid of poison oak in your garden, and for this, you’ll need to recognize the plant. You have to be really careful when removing poison oak from your garden, and fo this purpose, the best is to get the help from a specialized garden company, as they may have more experience on dealing with this plant and removing it in its entirety.