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Poison Ivy Treatment Do’s and Don’ts

There are a lot of poison ivy remedies on the internet or through word of mouth. Some works but some does not. The effect of any poison ivy treatment depends on the skin type of those who will use it. Here are the DO’s and DON’Ts for treating the blisters or rashes caused by these mischievous plants.


  • Ask your doctor what the best treatment or home remedy for your type of skin, he will be able to make tests to make sure the rashes will not get worse through infection or wrong cure.
  • Vitamin C helps with the swelling of the blisters and this improves the body’s immune system.
  • Having calamine lotion in the medicine cabinet helps because it is an astringent that helps clean and dry down the blisters.
  • Water helps cleanse the body and speeds up the healing of the rashes.
  • Research thoroughly about the side-effects of any product or treatment before using them.


  • Rubbing your face or any part of the body that wasn’t infected may trigger blisters on these parts.
  • Don’t cover the rashes with bandages because it does not allow them to dry.
  • Antihistamines or itch medicines may have different effects on people, don’t buy them unless prescribed.
  • Beware of using too much bleach because it may enter the bloodstream causing more damage than cure.

The do’s and don’ts is a guide for caution. Although the doctor’s fee may cost money, at least you are sure it is money well spent. Relying on old home treatments may cause more damage since not all of them work for some people. The best advice is to stay away from the ‘leaves of three.’

Does your friend know the same do’s and don’ts as you do, if not, suggest that they read this article to know what they should or shouldn’t do.