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Plasma TV stands – What Is The Reality

plasma tv standWhat is the reality of plasma TV stands? Do they provide a legitimate value to the plasma TV owner, or are they a clever creation of sales and marketing departments trying to move more product? It is tough to escape the label if you are in the market for home video furniture. You can easily start to question the validity of how these stands are marketed, considering the appearances of the models available are very similar.

If you take a close look between the marketing lines, it might become readily apparent that the label is nothing more than an angle to get the new Plasma TV owner to convert to an up sell. Upon closer inspection you will, most likely begin to see a trend emerge in what the product is referred to by name. They are known as LCD TV stands, as well as, plasma TV stands. If you are anything like me then you won’t be able to ignore the lack of difference between these two models. A fact that really can’t be ignored is the Liquid Crystal Display (or LCD for short) TVs and the Plasma TVs are pretty heavy. In all reality, they are two of the heaviest styles of flat screen television you will find. When you start to compare the styles of stands, you may notice that a majority of the LCD or Plasma models are designed specifically for the large screen models. Almost all of them in excess of forty inches. There was no denying the beauty of most of these audio-video furniture pieces. Depending on what you are looking to add to your home, you can find some that are minimalistic and others which are complete home entertainment systems. Overwhelmingly, you can just feel how they are able to create the desired ambiance in a room.

Expanding your search beyond the plasma or LCD labeled styles will really open up your choices. Because these televisions are generally bigger than many of the others they do resemble each other enough to see that they are in a category by themselves. What I found when I was doing my research was pretty much what you would expect in the construction of furniture that is made for 150 plus pound TVs. They are usually more stable due to the larger dimensions required to hold up these entertainment behemoths. Because of their tendency to be heavier on top the, stability is a necessary feature in a TV stand for plasma or LCD model TVs. I’m not suggesting that they are not stable, but I am suggesting that you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to this investment.

It appears that I may have been quick in my initial judgment of them being nothing more than a sales and marketing ploy. In all reality, the research I did, supports the premise of buying the right stand for the right TV. If you are in the market for one, there is a solid foundation for making a choice for entertainment furniture which is specifically made for your television.