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How to Buy the Perfect Dressing Table

There is not really any such thing as the perfect dressing table; everyone’s taste is different after all, but there are still a few guidelines that can be adhered to that will result in you buying a dressing table that’s still pretty good.

For example, a common mistake many people make when looking to furnish their rooms with a dressing table is to assume that it is a luxury item rather than a necessity. This could not be further from the truth. A good dressing table is an essential piece of furniture in any woman’s bedroom, if you choose the right one then it will be with you for a very long time and apart from your bed will most likely be the most used piece of furniture in the room. Think about it you’ll need to sit in front of it every morning to apply your make-up and do your hair; every night when you need to take your makeup off and moisturise. The dressing table will be your best friend, your ally in the battle against the rigours of a hard days work, but only if you choose the right one.

So how do you make that decision? Many factors will come into play, not least of which is cost and available space. Typically though you should look for a solidly built dressing table that wont look too large for your room. The style of dressing table will be governed by your own personal taste, but be thankful that there is a broad spectrum of choice ranging from solid antique pine dressing table to the more contemporary console style table with their sleeker lines and vibrant colours.

Above all else make sure you buy a dressing table that is big enough to suit your needs now and into the future; you need space to hold the amount make-up you have now as well as that which you are likely to acquire as time passes. Size-wise you may be tempted by the double pedestal dressing table, but be warned that this will typically be far more expensive than a single pedestal dressing table.

Finally, ensure that you buy a dressing table with a mirror and a decent stool. Many of the dressing tables you see on-line these days come in sets which do include these, but others don’t, and it may be a false economy to overlook these in the beginning only to find you have to spend more to buy them separately further down the line.