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Different Types of Pergolas

Nowadays, people want to have their garden stand out from the other houses in their area. And there’s no better way of doing that than by adding something as unique as a pergola to the mix. While it can’t be considered a staple in every garden, that doesn’t mean it can’t be one. Of course, just like every thing else, this fixture comes in a variety of types. This is done to give home owners more options. At the same time, it helps give their house and garden a more distinct appearance. So if you’re thinking of adding this garden fixture into your home, here are some samples of the different types of pergolas currently being used today.

The first type is the free-standing pergola. This structure carries some similarities with a gazebo. The only difference is that the free-standing version doesn’t have a roof of its own. Aside from not having a roof, pergolas which are free-standing tend to have a floor underfoot which can be designed to serve as some sort of patio. In terms of placement, free-standing pergolas can be placed beside the house or in the middle of the garden. This gives home owners more options when it comes to their overall design and construction.

The second type of pergola currently being used are entryway pergolas. These structures act as a gate which serves as a portal from the garden to the outside world. It pretty much serves as an archway and is constructed to be placed by the entrance of the garden. What makes them stand out is that they’re able to provide a stylish opening or gateway into your garden.

By having an idea as to what types of pergolas are available, you’ll be able to determine which one will fit your garden and make your home a cut above the rest.