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Tips for Finding the Right Pergola Cover

A good pergola cover will provide the area beneath the structure with ample protection from rain while still allowing much needed sunlight to penetrate below.  There are many types of covers to choose from but plastic and fabric seem to be the most popular choices.  Plastic covers are the most durable.  The material is typically easy to handle and can be purchased in small sized panels that can be cut down to fit any size structure.  Cloth or fabric covers are also easy to install and can be custom ordered to the specifications of the structure in need of a cover.  Make sure you look out for a material containing UV ray protection.  UV protection is essential to you and your family but it also helps lengthen the life of your outdoor furnishings and textiles.

You can find various types of pergola covers online and at home improvement stores.  Be sure to measure your structure before ordering or purchasing a material to cover it.  If you purchased your pergola from a distributor, you should contact them directly to see if they offer a custom cover for your specific type and size of pergola.  This can save you time measuring and creating your own cover.  Some companies sell covers that can easily be attached to just about any structure using Velcro straps.  Such covers are fast and easy to install but you will definitely want to remove the cover when bad weather or high winds are in the forecast.

Most pergola designs are not intended to provide shade or complete protection from the sun, rain and other outdoor conditions.  In fact, a pergola patio cover is usually chosen for its architectural beauty and its ability to enhance the landscape of a home.  You can grow outdoor plants in, around, and on a pergola structure.  The plants use the structural parts of the shelter for support and eventually enclose the structure with natural beauty.  The structural beauty of a pergola design is an excellent addition to any backyard landscape regardless of other structural elements of the home or landscape.  Adding a protective but unobtrusive pergola cover is the ideal way to enhance the area and make it more functional for all sorts of outdoor activity.