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Bring the Beach Home with a Nautical Pendant Light

Folks say that some of their fondest childhood memories are from trips to the beach, staying at a seaside home. Beach decor is so appealing to those who like a relaxed lived in atmosphere. Rooms painted in soft coral, ocean blue and sand color beige encourage a soothing restful atmosphere. Many of the light sources will be nautically themed. Occasionally you will see some very different nautical pendant lighting over the dining area.

Homeowners can savor some of that beach feeling by adding a nautical pendant light in their permanent residence. There are many options that can help bring the beach home. A beach themed guest bedroom is usually a big hit with a beach themes pendant over the bed. What type of light the owner puts in the space is all personal style. However a few pieces of basic information can help the buyer pick a light that will give the look they are seeking and yet work with the decor of the room.

Brass, copper and iron are all excellent choices when going for a nautical style. Simplicity and functionality are two key aspects to look for. Hurricane lamps look great in any of these materials. Add colored red and green bulbs or glass shades to the lamps to mirror the port and aft lights on a ship. Woods such as teak, driftwood or bamboo make the perfect pendant or accent lights for a beach themed room. If you take pieces of driftwood and mount LED lights in them you get fabulous mood lighting. Place the wood strategically around the room for maximum effect.

There are many ways to employ nautical lights into your home. They make beautiful back door light scones. Utilize the iron caged hurricane lamps. A nice brass pendant light can illuminate a reading area or dining table. Iron table lamps or pendants will also express a nautical theme. Carved wood lamps look good as well. A buyer may prefer to go small and use several nautical based nightlights. Ships, fish, shells and more are all available in a quality glass night light.

Nautical multi light pendant fixtures is the favored accent. It can gently illuminate or be more of a spotlight light source. Try creating a corner that is nautically themed. A comfortable upholstered chair in a navy and white stripe beside a teak table makes for a great lounge area. Spotlight the light over the chair using a brass or copper nautical themed pendant light. Another way to include the beach is to place a larger beach themed pendant light over the bed. Have light directed upward so that it creates a soft illuminated effect.