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Patio Swing Cushion Replacement

patio swing cusionsThe hardest part of finding the right replacement patio swing cushion is getting them to match your others.  If your patio swing is fairly new, then this should be a much easier task.  You simply need to have the information from your swing or old cushions in front of you.  Then, a quick search online will either give you the replacement cushions right there or a phone number for the company that you can order them from.  The quickest way to go is to have an old model or product number available, with the name of the color or pattern on hand.  This sounds easy enough, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

One issue that you may face is that your patio cushions may be old.  This issue leads to the fact that you cannot find a matching style or pattern.  If it is or was a popular one, the company may still be able to produce them or have them in stock, but not advertised.  There are other issues with out of stock or no longer being produced patterns.  Then, the fabric itself may no longer be in use.  This is likely with much older cushions, but the technology has changed so much that newer fabrics have simply replaced the need for those older ones.

This is true of brands like Sunbrella™ that have taken ultraviolet resistance to a new height.  Their products resist fading to a great extent by having the color used during the wet stage of production of the raw material used in making the cushion fibers.  If your swing or furniture is older, you may find that the other pieces will have aged and faded, so a new cushion looks strange or non-matching, when it truly is the same style.  Cushions all have similar properties, just varying sizes and dimensions.

You can visit Patio Cushions Info for more ideas regarding cushioning for your patio furniture beyond the replacement patio swing cushion.