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Installing Patio Lights

Patio lights serve a good purpose for your patios and even for your gardens as they add elegance and a warm glow either for daily use or for special occasions. This traditional type of lighting is available in a wide array of colors and styles. With these lights, you can enjoy staying in your patio after the sunset.

These lightings illuminate your patio at night thus providing sophistication and promoting safety at the same time. They are available in the market nowadays. All that you have to do is to choose the style and have it installed in your patio. You can do this by simply following these steps:

  1. Measure the area where you’ll be installing the patio lights. Decide on how much illumination you want. Choose whether you are after the ambiance or if you are using the light to have your entire patio illuminated. If you just wish to set up a mood, there’s no need to purchase a lot of lights. You can position them in areas that allow them to create unique shadows.
  2. Choose the type of lighting that you want. These lights can be bought from any home development center. They come in different styles and colors – enabling you to choose what you really want.
  3. Lay out the lights along the floor of the patio to assess the spacing you want. After establishing how you’re going to place them, you can now proceed with the installation.
  4. Screw in attractive hooks alongside the patio railing or use electric staples to grip the wirings in place. Insert the staples or screws following a 12-inch interval.
  5. Use extension cords to plug the lights into the closest outdoor receptacle. You can hide the cord by arranging it through the flower beds, shrubs or about 2 inches beneath the dirt.

Installing patio lights is actually not a hard thing to do if you have some knowledge on lighting installations. If you know how to install them, doing this yourself is cheaper than hiring labor. The solar light is also a good option for your patio.

Buying the Right Patio String Lights

Garden lighting has become incredibly popular over the past few years and this could be a result of solar powered lighting becoming very affordable. This however has give risen to gardens being decorated in all manner of lights which can look extremely un-tasteful and cheap. Before you spend some of your hard earned cash on lighting for your garden make sure that you have shopped around to find the most tasteful lights that you can. You don’t have to buy expensive designer outdoor lighting because there are now many forms of cheaper lighting that looks equally as good.

Outdoor patio string lights are one of those types of lighting that look good regardless of the cost. You could spend $50 of $5 on a set and at night they would look stylish and add some depth to you garden lighting scheme. Like many other garden lights there are many solar powered varieties available but in the case of string lights you may want to look for some that have a remote solar panel. Having the solar panel remotely positioned means that you can put it in the sun whilst the lights can be in an area that gets little or no sun and they will still operate. The remote solar panel really does offer the greatest flexibility when it comes to solar powered garden lights.

One type of light to avoid  – in my opinion – when buying patio string lights are the coloured varieties. Although in some situation they may look great most of the time when I have seen them used they look tacky and not very ‘designedly’. Whilst on the topic of colours of light you should also make sure that if you opt for LED string lights then you really should look for one with ‘warm white’ LED’s as these give out a much warmer looking light. Warm white LED’s look much more is similar to a regular incandescent bulb i.e. it is more yellow. Unless you are careful you will end up with a set of string lights that has a stark white-bluish light which doesn’t look very warm and welcoming. This type of LED is common in the cheaper outdoor lights so you need to carefully examine the packaging – if it doesn’t say then the chances are it is the bluish white light and should be avoided.

By applying the above guidelines when shopping for any type of light for your garden you should be able to find the perfect type of lighting, for the right price and will enhance and not cheapen the look of your garden at night.

How to Set Up Hanging Patio Lights

hanging patio lightsOnce you’ve purchased your hanging patio lights, you can have them professionally installed for a fee — or you can install certain types yourself.  It’s a simple process, but one that requires some careful thought, so don’t rush into setting up your patio lights before you’ve done some considering about where and how to hang them.

You do not want direct glare from the lights, so unless they are completely muted, you’ll want to place or angle the lights so they will never shine right in your eyes.  Determine where you’ll be sitting on your patio and hang the lights accordingly.  You also don’t want the light to go into your neighbors’ yards, so find a place in between your yard and theirs for the lights to shine.  Consider tucking them slightly into some overhead foliage, or wrap them around low-hanging branches so the leaves will redirect the light.

Try not to secure hanging patio lights with sharp things like tacks or nails, as you run the risk of pushing through the wires or causing damage to the lights or the objects on which they are hanging.  The best thing to do is drape the lights over branches or loop them around a beam; if that is not possible, see if you can tie them up with twine or fasten them with wire.

Remember to set up the strings of hanging patio lights before you install the bulbs (unless the bulbs are pre-installed and it cannot be helped).  This prevents breakage and allows you to experiment more freely with hanging positions and designs.  If the bulbs are pre-installed, you should always test the string of lights to make sure none of the bulbs need to be replaced.  And finally, take your hanging patio lights down during extremely cold temperatures to avoid damage.