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Styles of Outdoor Garden Furniture

All of us have our own preference when it comes to pieces of furniture. Choosing outdoor garden furniture is even trickier since it is exposed to different elements. When it comes to style, there are plenty of options to choose from. Although you can always mix and match styles, it is still advisable to stick to one style. Not only does this provide harmony. It also gives you a more relaxing environment as compared to a combination of different styles that may not even work with each other.

The question you should then be asking is what style do you have? To know this, you will need to think about the location and what you feel looks good in it. You will also need to think about the functionality of the furniture and how much your budget is.

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There are five different categories for the styles of different garden owners. You may fit in one of these categories then you can start from there.


This kind of owner has a styled interior. The exterior has to look good as well. Everything must be exquisitely decorated for it to have the right look.

If you are this type of owner, then the best outdoor garden furniture style for you is teak. It is both classic and modern. It fits perfectly in most kinds of houses. If the plain wood is not to your aesthetic taste then they can be topped off with stylishly designed patio cushions.

Laid Back or Easy Going

If you are not really the stylish kind but you want something to help you relax, you must look for furniture pieces that are durable. It should be simple in design. The style should also be easy to maintain. People who want a laid back atmosphere in their homes do not want furniture pieces that are high end. Anything that is easy on the eyes and relaxing should do just fine.

Trendy and Entertaining

Trentertainer is the slang word for people who are both trendy and entertaining. These type of owners prefer the outside setting than the inside. If you are this type, you should buy teak outdoor garden furniture pieces with seating that is aluminum-framed. This type of furniture will add an interesting and expected twist to the whole set.

Your Guide To Patio Cushions And Covers

Patio cushions are an ideal way of spicing up the appearance of an outdoor furniture collection, while making said collection more comfortable and inviting at the same time. Some patio ensembles come with customized accessories included, while others are more basic, and require separate purchases for items such as cushions, covers, and other accessories. Even if your original patio set came with cushions included, you may be interested in finding replacements due to weathering and wear and tear. The following paragraphs will offer some advice and guidance on what to look for when shopping for patio cushions and other accessories.

Patio Cushions - Desert Sage

Patio cushions are easy to find in a variety of styles, designs and materials, and are frequently purchased apart from, or in addition to the actual outdoor collection. It is possible to find a great many attractive designs, at reasonable price points, that are pre-fabricated for general sizes and types of furniture. For individuals with more specific or unique tastes, there is also the option of ordering customized coverings and accent pieces, either directly from the furniture manufacturer, or otherwise. Here are some considerations when shopping for cushion accessories.

Remember that patio furniture endures considerably more wear and tear than indoor furniture; it must endure abrupt changes in temperature and humidity, and all sorts of weather conditions. As a result, more outdoor items are constructed in a manner that accounts for all of the above-mentioned variables. Upholstered items are no exception. Popular materials for outdoor cushions include durable and/or weatherproof coverings such as polyester and acrylic, or other marine-grade materials such as umbrella fabrics and Outdura. Although various coverings constructed from more absorbent materials are also popular, owners need to take special care not to allow these items to be left out during rain or even light showers, since the moisture will be absorbed into the foam pads, resulting in the need to dry cushions for several days, and the possibility for mold or mildew to develop.

Another option for protecting outdoor furniture from all kinds of weathering and wear and tear is through the use of specially designed covers. Check with your furniture manufacturer, or with your local home and garden outfitter for a detailed patio covers guide that meets your needs as well as your budget.

Options For A Better Summer Patio

Anyone who has a patio in their yard or the back of their house can do a lot of different things to make it look better. When you take advantage of some creative patio ideas, you will be adding to the appearance of you house and you will be making it easier to sell as well. A nice looking patio that people want to use actually adds to the living space you have in your home.

If your patio is abandoned, you need to take a fresh look at it and the surrounding to see what can be done. Any patio that is dirty or not maintained well need to be thoroughly cleaned and made to look its best. If it’s best is still not very good, you may have a bigger project on your hands than you first thought.

One of the things that can immediately improve a patio is new furniture. Make sure whatever you get will stand up to the weather elements for years or get something to  cover it. Redwood or teak wood patio chairs look great as does all kinds of wicker furniture. If you go around to all your home improvement stores as well as the furniture stores in your city, you will then be able to have a wide variety to choose from. Of course, the biggest selection of patio furniture can be found in stored in the springtime right around the time everyone is thinking about summer.

Adding a fire pit to your patio is an inexpensive way to add light and hours to the time you can use your patio every evening. Additionally, everyone loves a fire so that is always a popular purchase. More patio lighting ideas include installing tiki lights or solar lights to add atmosphere to your patio.

Make sure you pay attention to your patio’s surrounding area as that plays a big part in what your patio looks like. Having a yard or garden that is well groomed and taken care of will make your patio look likes it blends into the scenery. You can add vines, flowers, and planters that create the look you desire. A creative person will find that there are unlimited possibilities to make a patio look great for any season.

Save Money on Outdoor Patio Cushions

If you have a whole set of garden furniture it can be very expensive to replace the patio cushions on every chair. Unfortunately there is not much else you can do if you need to buy some new cushions, as it would look very strange to have different designs on some chairs and not on others. Even if you find the same design, you will see that the colors of the original cushions have changed in the sun, no matter how “fade-resistant” the fabric was meant to be.

When trying to save money, it is important not to look only at the price of each set of outdoor patio cushions but also at the quality, as you do not want to pay for replacement every summer. It is better to pay a little more and have the cushions give you good service year after year. Of course, quality costs but there is always a balance with these things, where you can get decent quality without paying the earth.

To save money, shop online where you will have a wide choice of suppliers competing with each other for your custom (and also a wider choice of patio cushions too). On the web, it is easy to look at all the options you have for your particular patio furniture, in the colors you are looking for and to compare prices between different offers. You will find some great discounts on many sites. Always buy from a seller you trust, although this does not necessarily have to be a big company. Some of the smaller sellers on sites like eBay, offer great deals and you can get an idea of who to trust from their feedback.

When comparing prices on various patio cushions, remember to include shipping costs as these can add considerably to the purchase price with some companies whereas others offer good deals on this too.

Outdoor Decorating Tips

We all love the new fresh appearances in our homes, but have you thought recently about outdoors? We are often so busy with interior decorating or remodeling, you forget to do the same to the exterior well. Spice up the exterior of your home with these simple tips for decorating outdoors:

1. Painting the outside of the house, will make a huge difference in the initial impact of the appearance of your house for people who walk by.

2. Porch or Patio: The comfort for your family can be radically improved by putting out new furniture on your porch or patio. Another option would be to buy new patio furniture cushions and covers for the furniture you already have on your porch or patio. Another quick way to improve the appearance of your patio can be as simple as leaving some flowering plants in pots, adding gnomes or statues or putting a small fountain in a space.

patio furniture3. Gateway: You can make your home look more cozy and more inviting simply by adding a bridge outside of your home. This can be made even more attractive by putting a little bedding edge on each side, the addition of solar  garden lights to brighten the night, or placing other forms of borders, which will lead the way and appear special. If you do not already have a gateway and want to create one, I think the most beautiful are those made of stone. For a decorative touch, have a curve or a bridge of wood just before arriving at your front door.

4. Yard Ornaments: These need not be complicated. You can simply use a birdhouse, an outdoor lantern mounted on a tree or a set of attractive flowers in a wheelbarrow. Your garden and the house will be i more distinguishable from other houses in the street, plus it gives you the chance to show off your tastes and make a good impression.

5. Of course, the most popular method of decorating the outside of a home is with the addition of certain types of plants – flowers, shrubs or trees. Annuals are ideal to add splashes of color in a hurry, because you can usually buy these in times of blossom. If you want the color to last year round and increase the range of choice, you should invest in perennials. This allows you to replace the color of annual plants as they start to die.

Outdoor Dining On Your Patio

When it comes to your favorite places to eat, you might not be thinking about your patio as your first choice.  Well, you might be because, after all, you found this article searching for something related to outdoor dining furniture.  However, other people don’t often think about outdoor dining as a great option.  The truth of it is, if your patio is not set up properly, then eating outdoors would be an inconvenient experience and quite a hassle.  It doesn’t need to be.

patio_tableThere are more and more reasons to dine outside and you don’t have to have a special set up either.  In reality, outdoor rooms have made such an impact in the home remodeling world that they are forcing manufacturers to create products to meet the demands of today’s homeowner’s demands.  One example of this is the outdoor kitchen.  Almost 5 years ago, it would have been much harder to find outdoor kitchen designs that included things like outdoor pizza ovens, stainless appliances and other kitchen amenities often reserved for the finest commercial applications.  In fact, you would have had a hard time even discussing the concept of an outdoor room with many people 10 years ago.

Well, as times change, so do our tastes.  This is especially true in patio furniture designs as well.  Where simple aluminum frame chairs with nylon webbing or wooden picnic benches were once the norm, now there are fabrics and woods used that are as elegant as any indoor furniture.  These pieces are made to withstand the elements of the outdoors and can last for years with proper care.  These same trends in design and materials have translated to the dining room as well.

Outdoor dining furniture can be simple or much more contemporary.  It is not uncommon to find glass tables, elegant seating and specific wood choices that resist water and intense sun damage.  For some, the formal dining arrangement is a bit much, so they opt for more of a cocktail table and barstool theme.  This can work great on a patio. Additionally, if you do happen to have an outdoor kitchen, then having a counter area where you can just pull up some nice and comfortable outdoor barstools can be a great solution.  The answer to the best furniture for your outside space is better defined by your own taste and requirements.  For more information about outdoor dining furniture and other patio accessories, visit Patio Covers Place.