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Outdoor String Lights

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now a new holiday season is in full swing.  As with every Christmas season, people across the country and even around the world are keeping with a long Christmas tradition and decorating their houses and yards with tremendous displays of outdoor string lights.  Drive around most neighborhoods at night, and you will see all kinds of displays of outdoor string Christmas lights, from the simple single strand to the elaborate, to the over the top outrageous displays that make you think of the Griswold house in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Most of these homes are using the traditional bulb string lights, but there is a new product that is really becoming common for the first time this year.  The new lights are LED outdoor string lights.  So, why all the hype about these new LED lights?  Well, LED string lights offer many advantages over traditional light strings.  First, and most importantly, LED lights use significantly less energy as traditional bulbs.  A string of LED string lights uses up to 80%-90% less energy; that can make a huge difference on your monthly electricity bill.  Another advantage is that LED lights last far longer than traditional bulbs, and many strings come with warranties of 3 years or more.

The only drawback to LED outdoor string lighting is the cost.  They can cost twice as much or more than a comparable string of traditional light bulbs.  But when you consider that they last much longer, that extra cost begins to be much more reasonable.  Pay a little more, or pay more later when you have to replace your string of traditional lights.  It is a pretty easy choice for many people.

So when you are looking at new outdoor string lights for your Christmas display, take a closer look at a string of LED string lights. You will be happy you did!