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Picking Out Light Fixtures And Where They Go

chandelierAre you thinking of installing some new light fixtures but do not know which kind to buy or where in your house to put them? If this sounds anything like you then this article might help you out in the process. The main points that we are going to be going over in this article are the most popular types of light fixtures and some of the ideal places that these light fixtures should be placed in your home.

The first light fixture that we are going to be talking about is the chandelier. Chandeliers are the most common home improvement item as far as lighting goes. Out of all of the chandeliers, black chandeliers seem to be the most popular. The best place to place a chandelier is obviously the ceiling, what a lot of people do not know is that hanging from the wrong kind of ceiling can make a room look even worse. A general rule of thumb is to only place chandeliers or any other type of ceiling hanging light fixture such as a pendant light from in rooms that have high or open rafter ceilings.

The second most popular light fixture that people use for remodeling is the sconce. Sconces are light fixtures that hang from walls that require no type of stand or pole to hold them up from the ground. These are excellent for giving off indirect or “mood” lighting, this is especially true with the led outdoor sconce. There are many different places to hang these light fixtures but some of the best are going to be in entry way or doorways, all along hall ways or path ways, in bathrooms next to mirrors and sinks, and in gardens near the path. The only downside to sconces is that the wires are inside of the wall so it does require some Sheetrock work.