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String Lights And Outdoor Accessories

Maximizing your outdoor space means enhancing its facade with the use of decorative items such as furniture and lighting accessories.  Among the most practical and stylish items you can install in your lawn are string lights as they do not only provide illumination but great aesthetic appeal as well.

String Lights for the Driveway

Coming home in a car at night can be a little tricky especially if you live in a neighborhood where homes have very limited driveway space.  Having string lights will aid you in parking the car so you do not hit anything in the process.  Driveway lights should have just the right amount of brightness to provide illumination but not too bright for the eyes.

String Garden Lights

If you spend a great amount of time and energy tending to your garden and keeping it beautiful, it should be seen in all hours of the day and at night as well.  Garden solar string lights would ensure that your beautiful lawn and the vast collection of flowered plants can be seen and appreciated by everyone who pass by.

String Light Designs

You can choose from among the several light designs available in the market today depending on your needs and preferences.  For instance, string Christmas mostly in red, green, and white color and you may choose between small or large bulbs for maximum effect.

If you are looking for even better aesthetic appeal, you might also want to consider getting string lamps and ball shaped lights.  They work exactly like any normal sting light fixture except that they have a more pronounced design.

Where to Buy?

Outdoor lights are sold online these days and shopping from online stores is a wise choice especially since they offer a wider range of options as well as discounts especially for customers who place bulk orders.

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A New Look at Garden Lighting

When it comes time for you to think about outdoor lighting, think solar lights. Solar garden lights have become a viable option for any homeowner. Not only have they come down in price in recent years, but their durability, brightness and design have increased threefold. Early versions of the solar garden lights were prohibitively expensive and fragile. One Midwestern winter and the lights were ruined. They are a great eco-friendly option for both home owners and renters.

So now that you have more options for garden lighting and patio lighting you can let your imagination run wild. In the past patio lights in particular, had to be hard wired and that could make them cost prohibitive for the average homeowner or renter. Of course there was always the option of running out an extension cord to illuminate your barbecue and then bringing it back in at evening’s end. But who wants to mess with ugly extension cords?

You can go to any home improvement store and find a box of garden lights for less than $50. Most of these are conveniently in a stake style so that installation is a breeze. More and more you can find hanging outdoor lights that are so solar powered. These are still a little clunky as they require a small black solar box for energy. But compared to paying for an electrician or running out wires from the house, it’s a small price to pay. There are even some new varieties of solar powered outdoor sconces. They are pricey, but they may be the look you’ve wanted for the patio.

What makes solar lights so nice is that they are only on when you need them. They make a nice accent for a long summer evening of relaxing on the patio with friends. They don’t need to be as bright as floodlights; all they need to do is help illuminate a footpath or the edges of the patio. They can be of great help in lighting the way for your guests to arrive or leave from the front door. If you space them judiciously to illuminate your front walkway, you’ve made your yard safer and prettier for just a few dollars. In the winter, when it already dark when you arrive home, these solar lights are going to be a welcome beacon to light your way into the house so you can begin your evening.

Solar Garden Lights AND LEDs

Beautiful landscaping is essential to the overall design and aesthetics of your home.  Considering how important landscaping is, you should keep in mind the importance of garden lights.  Choosing from the different kinds of garden lighting can be difficult due to the amount of choices available.  Each kind of light, whether it be halogen, solar or LED will emit a different amount of light and use a different amount of energy.

LED garden lights are the most efficient in energy use when comparing lights that require electricity to run.  LED bulbs have a higher initial cost compared to the incandescent bulb, but have the power to last 50 times longer than other bulbs.  LED garden lighting also use a lot less power to operate, only require a 13 watt bulb to emit the same amount of light as a 40 watt incandescent bulb.

solargardenlightsIf you wish to use garden lights that require zero energy to use, then consider solar garden lights.  The only energy they require is from the sun and charge during the day, storing the collected power in batteries to use during the night.  This gives these lights the distinct pleasure of being the cheapest lights to use.  Solar lights normally use LED bulbs to emit their light because they are so efficient in using energy.  Solar lights are also equipped with a sensor that can tell the difference between night and day, so the lights only come on during the proper time.

You will notice that the initial cost of purchasing LED or solar garden lights is higher than other lights, but this is quickly recovered within the first season or two of using them.  They last longer and have more efficient energy usage, so they do not need to be replaced as often as other garden lights.  You can find great prices on these types of lights by searching online retailers.

Using Solar Lights Effectively

The huge improvements that have been made in solar garden lights in recent years are nothing short of amazing for people who are trying to light their landscapes.  Just a few short years ago solar lights only worked under the best of circumstances.  In the winter months or on overcast days, many of the light fixtures would dim or even completely turn off before the night was over.  But now, with newer, more effective solar cells and batteries, solar lights can work in many areas where they couldn’t before.  If you want to make the most of your solar garden lights, make use of some of these easy tips.

One thing that outdoor solar lighting allows you to do is avoid having to use a professional landscape designer.  In traditional landscape lighting design, you have to place a transformer somewhere in your yard and determine where to run cables from there.  Because of this, wherever you placed lights tended to be pretty permanent.  If you wanted to move the lights you would have to move the cables or possibly even buy a new transformer or call an electrician to move it.

Now, instead of hiring someone else, the ease of installation of solar powered lights allows you to place them where you want and if you don’t like the way they look or they don’t work as well as they might somewhere else, you simply move them.  This removes a lot of the hassle from laying out your design scheme.

If you are trying to effectively use solar lights, also make sure not to skimp and buy cheap lights.  Cheap lights have longevity issues and use cheaper, less advanced solar cells and batteries that can result in the lights being dimmer and not lasting the whole night.  If you really want to make the most of your lighting system, buy some more expensive lights now as an investment and enjoy them for years to come instead of saving a few dollars now and being upset with your purchase later.

Today’s solar garden lights are a very efficient and cost-effective way to light your lawn.  Advanced solar cells and batteries can charge the lights up so that they stay lit all night long, removing many of the problems older models had.  Use quality lights and your imagination to place the lights for the most effectively lighting in your garden.