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Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchens may be the place to get away to after a long day at work; it really deserves some minutes of your time to think about them first. To build a cookout where you like to make your food or give a party, you need to go through a few important points in planning the layout, appliances and space allocation.

When developing outdoor kitchen designs the first thing you should decide on is the spot of the grill. It is the heart of all cooking places so make sure that you know what you are doing. After you’ve decided on the model you can move on to placement. Grill is the middle of all the appliances, everything else needs to be in arm reach for the cook.

If you have a roof above the cooking isle, put the grill to the edge so smoke doesn’t get trapped under the roof and build up. Choose the orientation of the device so that wind doesn’t blow the smoke in the faces of your family or guests.

To have a refrigerator under the counter and possibly parasol lights, too, you need to dig trenches from the house to the site of your outdoor kitchen. To use a gas grill you need to dig two trenches to keep electric and gas lines separated from each other.

Refer to your local code to find out if there are any further requirements regarding the safety of gas piping and electrical wiring.

To avoid digging through your garden while bringing gas and electricity across, you may want to consider the possibility of putting your outdoor kitchen next to an empty wall of your house. It not only eliminates the problems described above, but gives an additional coverage to your appliances.

It may also make installing a roof easier. Locate all chairs at least two feet away from stairs. Even if it’s just a 3″ difference in level it can make the design of your outdoor kitchen safer.