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Outdoor Cooking Year Round

Although summertime is best known for grilling and eating outside, there is no limit to the time of the year when you and your family or friends can enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.  Grilling and campfire cooking not only provide a unique taste, but allow everyone to participate and have fun preparing something to eat or just snack on.  Although a gas or charcoal grill is required for most outdoor cooking, you don’t necessarily need anything more than a fire and a pot or pan to produce something that really tastes wonderful.

Gas and charcoal outdoor cooking grills are primarily used to grill meat, allowing steaks, hamburgers, bratwursts, or chicken to absorb the fiery flavor; charcoal grills require more cleaning but are generally considered to provide the superior taste.  For any kind of outdoor grills, ensure that it is hot enough — three hundred degrees at least — before applying meat, as the temperature must be high enough to make sure that no bacteria inside the food can survive the heating.  Vegetables on a grill do not need to be heated as high, as raw vegetables are not a health hazard so long as they are cleaned beforehand.

If all you have is a pot, there is plenty of potential for a delicious dinner.  Dutch oven cooking is simply allowing a stew or chili type meal to simmer for a very long period of time — several hours at least — until it is ready to serve.  For Dutch oven cooking, get a large enough pot to feed however many people you need and keep a fire steady underneath; do not allow the fire to burn low or go out.  Desserts like cobbler are another popular choice with Dutch ovens.  Indeed, supermarkets carry some prepackaged desserts that only need to be thrown together in a pot and heated.