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Swinging on an Outdoor Glider

outdoor gliderThe title of this article is a bit misleading in the sense that you aren’t actually swinging on these outdoor glider furniture items, you are gliding – hence, the name.  These gliders are a great addition to any outdoor patio space.  One of their key advantages over the more traditional patio swings is that they take up less space and can move in a smaller area.  In other words, the outdoor swings that have an arcing motion to the swing need quite a bit of room in front of and behind them as they swing.  You don’t always have to be swinging really far back and forth, but they need the room in case you want to.

With the glider, there is only a specified amount that they can move forward and back.  So, these can be placed in tighter spots and used quite easily.  In case you aren’t familiar, the gliders looks much like an outdoor bench that moves.  They usually are made to seat 2 comfortably and have arm rests.  The frame of the unit is made to support the swing and a few hundred pounds easily.  The gliding motion is quite relaxing and makes for the perfect complement to any patio.

More traditional patio swings need larger spaces in which to sit.  Typically, these have those bilateral A-frame type set-ups with canopies.  You simply cannot place one of these beneath just any type of covered patio.  With a glider, you can use it anyplace where you might have a typical bench seating area.  This makes them not only versatile but flexible pieces of furniture you can move around your patio.

Most are made of powder coated metal parts with nylon fabrics for the seating areas.  The metal allows the frame to be strong, yet lightweight.  Some require minor assembly as they are shipped flat.  The nylon fabric allows it to easily dry in case you have some wet shorts or patio misters that tend to get most everything damp given any amount of time.

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