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Styles of Outdoor Garden Furniture

All of us have our own preference when it comes to pieces of furniture. Choosing outdoor garden furniture is even trickier since it is exposed to different elements. When it comes to style, there are plenty of options to choose from. Although you can always mix and match styles, it is still advisable to stick to one style. Not only does this provide harmony. It also gives you a more relaxing environment as compared to a combination of different styles that may not even work with each other.

The question you should then be asking is what style do you have? To know this, you will need to think about the location and what you feel looks good in it. You will also need to think about the functionality of the furniture and how much your budget is.

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There are five different categories for the styles of different garden owners. You may fit in one of these categories then you can start from there.


This kind of owner has a styled interior. The exterior has to look good as well. Everything must be exquisitely decorated for it to have the right look.

If you are this type of owner, then the best outdoor garden furniture style for you is teak. It is both classic and modern. It fits perfectly in most kinds of houses. If the plain wood is not to your aesthetic taste then they can be topped off with stylishly designed patio cushions.

Laid Back or Easy Going

If you are not really the stylish kind but you want something to help you relax, you must look for furniture pieces that are durable. It should be simple in design. The style should also be easy to maintain. People who want a laid back atmosphere in their homes do not want furniture pieces that are high end. Anything that is easy on the eyes and relaxing should do just fine.

Trendy and Entertaining

Trentertainer is the slang word for people who are both trendy and entertaining. These type of owners prefer the outside setting than the inside. If you are this type, you should buy teak outdoor garden furniture pieces with seating that is aluminum-framed. This type of furniture will add an interesting and expected twist to the whole set.

What You Should Know About Plastic Garden Furniture:

There are many different colors and kinds of plastic garden furniture.  It is practical in many ways, because you do not have to worry about plastic outdoor furniture getting ruined when left in the rain or inclement weather, it is light and easy to carry so you can move it around to different parts of the yard or by the pool.  Plastic chairs and tables are useful and handy for most any garden, patio or pool area.

It can be a good idea to choose white plastic garden furniture instead of a more ostentatious color, such as red.  White is a classic color and will suit any yard or garden.

However, there are also downsides to choosing plastic furniture for your yard.  While convenient and easy to work with, it is not very classy looking.  It can look a bit cheap, especially if it is getting old, or has not been cleaned in some time.  Wood garden furniture, on the other hand, looks a lot nicer but it is a lot more expensive and not everyone can afford it.  Also, wooden outdoor furniture would need more care to protect it from ruin.

When buying plastic furniture for your garden, whether it be white or some other color, if you already have an idea of what you are looking for, shopping online can be a good way to find good bargains.  Often online retailers will offer better prices than regular stores and supermarkets.  There are, however, a few things you should be aware of if you choose to shop online.  First of all, make sure the retailer you are buying from offers free shipping; if they do not, check to see how much the shipping fees will come to and calculate that in with the price.  Also, make sure the retailer allows for returns; many do, but the exact policy varies from retailer to retailer.

How To Choose The Perfect Garden Bench

Garden_bench_001There isn’t a gardener in the world who doesn’t know the feeling – you go to your garden and there’s something that’s missing. You pinch a few dead leaves here, trim some hedge there. Maybe you give that little garden gnome statue a quick polish. But it doesn’t help – your garden is missing something.

If that sounds like you and your garden, have no fear. It’s simply the indication of a genuine gardener, one who simply can’t leave her garden alone. The truth is, the moment you believe you have created the perfect garden then you might as well retire your green thumb.

Instead, the next time you stand next to the rose bush idly wondering what else you add here, ask yourself this: are your feet a little tired? Is your back complaining just a little? Do you wish you could just rest for a few minutes without having to leave your garden?

Answer yes to any of those questions and you know it’s time for a good garden bench!

Garden benches are too often overlooked when it comes to garden statuary. Aren’t they really just outdoor furniture? Don’t they belong next to the pool or up on the deck?

Don’t limit your thinking on this subject. Garden furniture is a good idea. Think for a minute how sweet it would be to just sit down in the midst of all the lovely blossoms and heavenly bouquets of your own garden?

And if that isn’t enough to persuade you, then try this. A garden bench is a great way to spice up your garden’s look and feel. It doesn’t matter if you go with a simple wooden bench or a fancy marble one – whatever your budget and aesthetic sensibilities allow for, really. The sky is the limit.

Between the size and shape of the bench – and of course its color and tone – and the placement of it in your garden, you have plenty of options. And another bonus is that you can always move the bench to catch the light or focus on a particularly pleasing flower.

Patio Essentials

patio_furnitureHaving an outdoor living space such as a patio or garden area that you can sit and relax on is a great way to be able to add additional usable space without having to do expensive additions to the home.  If you already have an enclosed patio, then decorating it and making it a good part of your home is a great way to be able to enjoy that space.  Here are some things I would suggest purchasing in order to make the space nicer.

The first thing is a set of patio blinds.  They come in different styles and colors, but here are a few of my favorite styles.  The first is the bamboo patio blinds.  These are great, and really provide a nice outdoors look for any patio.  Since bamboo is a naturally occurring product, this is a very eco-friendly option for decorating your patio with.  In addition to it being environmentally friendly, it is a great way for you to be able to keep light out when needed, but also roll them up and let in just enough light.  Patio blinds are also great when it comes to providing privacy.

Another option that you have when decorating your patio is what kind of furniture you can use.  As long as you don’t have screens where water could get through, you could just use regular furniture in order to decorate your patio.  But, if it is an open patio or if you don’t have sealed off windows or screens, then I would suggest getting outdoor furniture.  One way to bridge the gap between the outdoor furniture and the enclosed patio space is to get outdoor furniture cushions. These allow you to be able to provide some decoration and color to your patio that you would get from indoor furniture and also provide the durability that comes from outdoor furniture.

Creating an outdoor entertaining area

outdoor entertainmentAn outdoor entertaining area is effectively an extension of your house, so start off by identifying the style and features that already exist in your home. This will help you to choose the lighting, flooring, furniture, decorations and plants which will look best in the outdoor area.

Whatever you have in mind, you’ll need smooth flooring and some sort of shelter in case the weather turns inhospitable. Outdoor floors come in all kinds of finishes from stone paving to wooden decking, bricks to gravel, tiles to painted concrete – even grass, if you can spare the time to maintain it. Shelter must be sufficient that you can use your outdoor entertaining area in rain or hot sun. Flooring and shelter are probably the most important investments as they are structural, so get them right and the rest will fall much more easily into place.

Lighting and furniture are the next major elements in creating the right outdoor space. Permanent electric lighting should focus on the entertaining area itself and any pathways or access which will be used at night. Consider also adding up- or down-lights to show off any particularly striking features of your garden, while candles and torches create a pleasant ambiance. When it comes to furniture, choose a set that’s the right size for the purposes it’s most often going to serve, in a style and material that complements your indoor décor. Make sure that you know about any maintenance requirements before purchasing!

Aromatic or flowering pot-plants can add sensory pleasure to your outdoor entertaining experience and are easily rearranged. Climbing plants such as vines or creepers on a lattice can form attractive screens or ‘ceilings’. Large decorative pots, garden sculpture, wind-chimes and any number of other features can then be added to provide the finishing touches to your outdoor entertaining area.

Rattan Outdoor Furniture Tips has more great advice on what kind of furnishings you can use for your new outdoor area.