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Outdoor Projects: Woodworking Tips to Antique a Picnic Bench

You think you’d like to give your kids a nice little present, but are feeling the urge to make something from scratch, possibly wood, without the scratches.  You have your doubts about it though.  Perhaps your outdoor space is very limited, perhaps it’s that you doubt that your children will actually get much use out of it.  It may even be that you doubt your own woodworking abilities when it comes to building a cubby or outdoor play house.  There are also always the safety issues to do with yours and other kids using it.  Perhaps it might be better to buy something that can also be used for practical purposes.

As an alternative, it may be an option to build an outdoor picnic benches.  These can be great as imaginary forts or cubby houses, or even for them to sleep under on a hot summer’s night, by simply throwing a plastic or bed sheet over the top.

When built and finished well, you will have a piece of outdoor furniture that can easily seat up to six people in your garden with no set up involved.  All you need to do is carry the food out to it, and you have an outdoor dining area.  You can put it inside a gazebo, or under the sky.

There are many great and simple guides as to how to build a picnic bench, but not so many on how to best finish a bench to not only make it look great, but waterproof.

First off, you will want to apply 2 layers of acrylic paint.  Then sand it back to reveal some of the grain beneath.  You can also add scratches and unevenness to the surface with various implements.  Once you have done this, all you have to do is add a decorative finish to it.  Apply with a sponge brush, and then wipe it back immediately to show some of the wood beneath.  After this, you’ll need to apply a clear weather proofing substance, which will probably help