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Create A Sense of Fun In Your Bathroom With a Beach Shower Curtain

It can be a challenge trying to decide on the perfect theme for your new bathroom design. If you are going for a complete overhaul you certainly do not want it to look like it did before. If you are stuck for a theme then, you need to get creative and think of a design that will inspire you or a theme that can bring back fond memories. One popular theme that stands the test of time is the nautical or beach scene. What can be more appropriate to have in your bathroom than a theme that brings back those happy childhood memories of warm summer days spent at the seaside?

If you decide to go for a beach theme then, there is huge choice of beach theme accessories that include beach shower curtain sets and towels. These accessories contrast perfectly with the New England nautical colour schemes of blue and white. If you have a particularly small or drab bathroom that has limited natural light it is best to use light colours to brighten it up. Wooden floors work perfectly with the beach theme and you can coordinate this with the rest of the colour scheme. You could re-varnish the wooden floor to enhance its natural beauty or you could paint each board with a contrasting blue and white stripes.

It is amazing how a simple piece of cloth whose main purpose is to prevent the spillage of water on to the floor, can help to transform the look of your bathroom. That is why it has become such an essential bathroom furnishing accessory today. As well as the nautical theme why not transport your bathroom off to a tropical island with white sands and palm trees. There are a collection of luxury shower curtains with a tropical themes that will add an exotic touch to your bathroom.

Another great theme that the kids will love is the beach party scene. This design incorporates kids playing and swimming in the sea. With this design, bath time with the kids will be great fun.