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A Narrow Entry Table Has More Than One Use

When you take a look around your home you might think that it feels nice and open. But then the more you look at it you more blank spaces you start to see and the openness turns into emptiness. These empty spaces, especially corners need to be filled up by something, a narrow entry table might be just what you need. A narrow entry table was first designed to fit into narrow hallways and to act as a catch all for things that you want to have by the door. Usually these are long and narrow designs, but today they can come in a range of shapes and sizes so that they can fit into more spaces.

The first thing to do before you head to to buy a narrow entry table is to have a real good look at the area you will be using the table. Make sure that you know the dimensions of the empty space. After this you will need to think about the color and the type of wood you want to use. The wood that you choose should be in keeping with the other woods used in the room. It is going to look completely wrong if you have a room filled with rich, dark oaks when dump a light pine table next to them. The entry table is not meant to be the attention seeker of the room, its just the to fill that empty gap.

Narrow entry tables come in a wide range of designs to satisfy your styling needs. You can go for traditional styles from the Fresh Colonial period, or choose something really modern like glass and polish chrome styles.

Narrow entry tables should be available at almost every furniture store in the country, but if you want something that is more genuine or traditional you should try shopping at places like flea markets and antique stores, if you are lucky enough you just might find something in the back of the local paper.