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Downsides to Mushroom Composting

Mushroom compost is made out of various compostable materials. This is used by gardeners and landscapers to aid in the growth of plants. The production of mushroom compost is a lengthy process requiring the composting of materials and then adding spores to the mix while it cures.

Mushroom compost is made by gathering a mixture of materials such as corn cobs, hay, straw and other various cheap products and setting it into a pile to decay and compost. This material, once fully composted is usually set in various warehouses where it is set to cure and fungal spores are added to the mix.

Mushroom compost is usually also treated with chemicals due to the nature of storing it in warehouses. When it is stored it usually attracts various pests and insects such as flies. Due to this fact many manufacturers use chemical insecticides in the warehouses to reduce the populations of pests.

Mushroom compost is usually used to supplement soils by gardeners and landscapers. The downside to using mushroom compost is that it is not organic, due to the use of chemicals during its production, and that it has little to no nutritional value to plants.

There are better alternatives to mushroom compost. These include humus soil amendments and compost that you make at home yourself. Compost is actually easy to make and helps reduce the amount of wastes sent to landfills due to the fact that you actually use common household waste to make it.

You can make compost out of kitchen scraps, yard clippings and other organic wastes instead of throwing it all away. This is easy to do with easy to obtain products such as a spinning composter or compost buckets which are made specifically to compost this material at a fast rate. The benefit of these materials is that they also contain the composting mixture which reduces or completely eliminates the presence of insects and other pests.

You can use compost anywhere in your garden. It is a great way to organically fertilize your soil. All you have to do is spread it around the garden or lawn and water it in for the plants to get greener from the rich content of organic matter.