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Bathroom Mold Control Using Mold Products and Mechanical Assistance

Let’s face it we all have a little bit of the nasty bathroom mold that we deal with a daily basis. Bathrooms are particularly susceptible to this particular type of infestation due to the fact that this room is constantly moist and warm. If you have been dealing with a mold in bathroom problem for some time and have been unable to keep it in check through thorough cleaning and drying of surfaces, it may just be time to step up your bathroom mold removal game and purchase yourself a dehumidifier.

Photo By: aimee daniells

There are many different models available, the cheapest being standard desiccant type dehumidifiers, which simply use a type of gel or crystals to absorb moisture passively from the air and will require constant maintenance and media changes. If you’re looking for a more hands off approach to your mold bathroom problems then you may wish to consider purchasing a slightly more robust type which uses a compressor to remove moisture from the air or one which uses Peltier technology that will be virtually silent.

Black mold bathroom problems usually will not go away on their own without some sort of intervention from us. If you are seeing a lot of mold in the bathroom then you definitely have either a moisture problem or a cleanliness problem, thankfully both are easily remedied with just a little forethought and maintenance. The black mold in bathroom problems that we generally see on a regular basis are caused by the moisture that is left unchecked and allowed to feed on organic materials such as dust, body oils and soap scum, as well as any other food source which will support a mold colony. Different types of mold prefer different growing and food conditions and without proper bathroom mold cleaning you will most definitely be fighting a losing battle which will have you pulling out your hair in an effort to keep it under control.

Thankfully there is a large variety of both store-bought and natural bathroom mould remover products which can help you in your efforts to control bathroom mold. One of my favorites that I have used the numerous times is concrobium mold control which is available at most any home improvement centers as well as other places such as Wal-Mart or target. Once you have the mold problem in check that is the best time to purchase yourself a dehumidifier and get that bad boy are running in order to keep the moisture problem at a minimum. It does’nt matter which type to decide upon, the important thing is to get and begin using it regularly so moisture problems will become a thing of the past.