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Benefits of Mini Greenhouses

Plant lovers are constantly looking for ways to have as many species they love as they can. Many find that a mini greenhouse is one of the best ways to grow and cultivate plants that may not be in season or that they don’t have room for in the garden or inside the home. There are so many things that a mini greenhouse can provide as a home renovation project that the money spent on one ends up turning into an investment.

Tropical climate plants are the most common ones that have to be kept safe from the biting cold of winter. Those that are planted outdoors will die when the frost hits, so many gardeners will keep them in containers as opposed to planting them in the ground. That way they can transport them to a safe place during the winter months. The mini greenhouse is a perfect place, especially if there are too many to fit indoors. Once the danger of frost has passed they can be moved back to their space outdoors, leaving room for cultivation during spring. The greenhouse is an ideal place for starting seeds, whether it is for ornamental plants or vegetables. Another idea is to take cuttings of existing plants and assist their growth into full sized plants. The lessened exposure to the elements is very healthy for growing cuttings. It’s easy to find out what equipment and procedures need to be made to create a cutting bed.

Sometimes, paying an extra heating bill during the winter to keep the greenhouse warm is just too much. If this is the case, the mini greenhouse can still be useful during the warmer months for all sorts of plant activity. In the winter it can be used as a potting shed to help out plants that may be root-bound. There are many advantages to having a mini greenhouse and it’s a great addition to outdoor activities.

Building an Efficient Mini Greenhouse

Finding out how to build your own greenhouse is not difficult. With a variety of different plans available on online and through your local garden center, you can arm yourself with a simple and effective solution for providing your plants with an optimal environment. With that said, these plans don’t always tell you how to maximize your efficiency through material selection and design. While it’s true that any greenhouse will provide some benefit to your plants, you want to choose a greenhouse that will provide the maximum stability. Wild swings in temperature and humidity can be disastrous for plant growth and can help to encourage disease. Designing your mini greenhouse with efficiency in mind will also save you money in the long term, as you won’t need to heat as much to maintain your desired temperature.
greenhouseThe following tips will help to boost the efficiency of your greenhouse:

1.    Mini greenhouses are great at retaining heat during the daytime, but will quickly lose heat during the night, regardless of the type of covering you use. To minimize heat loss during the night or during inclement weather you should look into installing a heater coupled with the installation of a thermal curtain. The thermal curtain will help to retain the heat inside the greenhouse and will also prevent light pollution should you decide to run lights at night. Of course, it’s important to seek the advice of an electrician before adding heat or lighting to your greenhouse.

2.    Choose wood over metal to construct your greenhouse, since wood will tend to lose heat slower than metal. Wood also doesn’t expand and contract as much as metal does, which means that the covering you use will remain tight against the framework of your greenhouse.

Building your mini greenhouse can be a rewarding process, though it’s important to keep efficiency in mind during the construction process. Running an efficient greenhouse will keep you and your plants happier of the long term, which is really what gardening is all about.