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Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are have got to be one of the coolest small kitchen appliances invented in the last 50 years. first of all, being able to heat and cook food within seconds is incredibly convenient for those who are dunces in the chef’s department so that’s makes them perfect for the new college student (though maybe not so great for their nutrition.

Microwaves work with the use of whats called, “dielectric heating”. Essentially the microwaves themselves (the actual wave not the appliance) heats water and other molecules int he food so that the food warms up evenly throughout.  However, even though they’re great for heating up food quickly they won’t bake or brown food  and for this reason some genius thought of combining the functionality of both convection ovens and microwave ovens to create the convection microwave oven.

microwaveovenThe kitchen appliances are by far my favorite and it probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m single and busy. The convection part of the oven allows me to get great tasting browning and baking done quickly. It takes a fraction of the time to heat up the space of a microwave than a regular sized oven. Then of course you always have the speed and convenience of the microwave feature for reheating left-overs (although I use the convection feature for that to a lot) and cooking food specially made for microwave ovens.

My Mom loves convection microwave ovens too because they are perfect for keeping side dishes warm when she’s cooking a large meal for a lot of people. She has a larger one too so she can store 2 nice sized dished in the heating space while she’s waiting for the other food to get done cooking.

If you’re thinking about buying a microwave oven I would strongly consider paying a few more dollars to get a convection microwave combo oven  because of the added versatility they offer.