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Redecorate by Changing your Wall Color

There are many materials you can choose from to design a room or area in your home. You might be in the process of doing some redecorating and would like to change the color scheme in a room. This can be accomplished by painting the walls or using a type of wallpaper on them. You can also use tiles for certain wall areas in your home. The travertine tiles are created from natural stone and come in cases to install yourself. You can use these types of tiles in a kitchen or bath area.

Tiles in a kitchen are generally used around the sink area to create a back splash, but they can also be added as trim around the whole counter area by your sink. When used in a bathroom, these tiles can add a decorative touch to your tub and shower area by using them as the surround. You will find them in natural colors, such as tan, cream and bronze. They can also be used as wall accent tiles in other areas, such as a front entry or foyer. They work well when used in combination with a marble floor.

Many styles of this tile have a marbled effect and can be coordinated with a matching color of floor tile. The various types of tiles you can purchase are also easy to maintain by wiping them down with soap and water. You might choose an installation kit that includes a type of tile or wallpaper product for creating a new wall design. Once you have the walls a new color, you can enhance the look of your room by adding objects that incorporate the color in them, such as window curtains, area rugs and throw pillows. Redecorating can be a fun project that will have rewarding benefits when you are finished.