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Home Made Kitchen Curtains – The DIY Method of Sewing Kitchen Tier Curtains

If you are the least bit handy when it comes to doing your own sewing, even if you are only good at simple sewing, you should be able to simply sew and make your own kitchen curtains. Home made kitchen tier curtains are really very simple to make and unless you really cannot sew a straight line on when using a sewing machine you should be good to go for it.

Remember, kitchen curtains are usually fairly simple.  Almost all curtains, including tier curtains,  are made to go on a curtain rod, so it is straight seam sewing when it comes to making your own. For the most basic design you need an opening at the top so the rod can go through and a hem on the bottom and sides.  You should decide in advance what style of curtain you will make and then if you cannot come up with your own pattern you could check online for a simple pattern that would be easy to design. A home made kitchen curtain really is fairly simple to sew and it should only take you a couple of hours at the most to finish the project.

Kitchen Curtains - BeeWhen it comes to deciding on the actual material you will use for your curtain there are a few things to take into consideration. The first point is that you really need to make sure that the material you buy is machine washable.  No matter how hard you try to keep curtains and blinds clean, it seems that they get dirty and dusty twice as fast in the kitchen as in any other room. Not only do they gather dust but they also absorb grease and get quite damp at times with all the moisture and steam in the air.  You will probably have to wash your kitchen curtains fairly often, so try to buy material that is machine washable and that will come out looking good no matter how many times you wash them.  Also, as you will be hand making the curtains, try to get material that is lightweight and easy to sew.

Popular patterns for kitchen curtain material depend on the style of kitchen and your kitchen décor. For a cozy country style kitchen you may want to go with the gingham check material or bandanna prints.  You can edge this with lace to give it a more country look, if you are feeling creative.  Eyelet curtains look great in a kitchen as well. If you are trying for the more Mediterranean style kitchen then you may want to check out the material with grape vines printed on it, or wine glass prints, or even just using bright striped material. Choose a contrasting color for your curtain tie backs for a really festive appearance.

If your kitchen is more along the elegant line then lace curtains may be just what you need.  One caution here though, lace curtains do tend to yellow very easily in bright sunlight so even though they look great when they are first put up you do have to be careful that they do not get spoiled by the sunlight.  Once they turn yellow there is little you can do to recover them and you may have to end up buying new curtains. Perhaps you want to go with kitchen curtains and valances instead. Kitchen valances do not have to be formal at all; you can use them to establish the style of decor very easily.

Whatever material you eventually decide on for your curtains kitchen style, remember to ensure that it is easy to wash and care for, easy to sew and that it will hold up well in damp or humid environments.  It should be mold resistant and preferably fire resistant too.