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Kitchen Spice Racks: Magnetic Spice Rack

When you are shopping for a kitchen spice rack, you will soon see that you have quite a few options.  You can buy a carousel spice rack, a hanging spice rack for you wall or for behind a pantry door, a cabinet spice rack, and even under cabinet spice racks.  Another type that is popular is the magnetic spice rack.  They add a sense of style and a cool factor to a regular kitchen accessory.  I will tell you how they work and a few of the different types you can get.

The term magnetic spice rack is kind of a misnomer because it is the actual spice containers that are magnetized, not the rack itself.  The spice jars can really go anywhere that is metal.  It can go on your fridge as decoration that your kids can rearrange or they can go on the stove, both of which will provide you with easy access to the spices.  If you want a little less clutter and more organization, you can buy metal spice racks that are strips of metal or a sheet of metal, both of which allow you to put magnet spice containers on them.

A popular type of magnet spice racks is the zero gravity spice rack.  They are cool because of how they are built, giving the illusion that your spice containers are defying gravity because the actual rack is magnetized on the top and the bottom.  It looks like a normal shelf spice rack that you’d hang on your wall, except the spices go on the top and on the bottom.  You can also buy a base that allows the shelf to be vertical, allowing the spices to go on both the left and the right side of the spice rack, with the containers sticking out the sides.  It is really quite a cool effect.