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Lockable Storage Cabinet For Tools

There are many possible uses for a storage cabinet in a home. Media including CDs, DVDs and video games can be stored in one, and home offices can use cabinets for keeping files in order. The garage is also a popular place to use storage cabinets, for storing tools and other equipment. Many of the things stored in garage cabinets can be valuable and expensive, and might require the extra measure of protection afforded by a locking mechanism. A lockable storage cabinet for tools is made to hold many different types of tools and keep them safe.

The best storage cabinet to choose depends on a lot of factors, like what tools are needing to be stored and how many there are, and the layout of the garage. Regular metal garage storage cabinets can be used in some cases, but specific tool storage has shelves or drawers made to suit a multitude of tools. They also can have pegboard to hang tools as well. Cabinets can be wall-mounted, freestanding, or rolling for maximum flexibility. Wall-mounted locking cabinets have doors with locks on them, while others may have lockable doors, drawers or both. Knowing which tools absolutely need to be locked up will help in making a purchasing decision.

Other than a lockable storage cabinet, a tool chest is also a common place to store a collection of tools. Some tool sets may need to be able to travel outside of the garage, but should still kept locked when not in use. The price range for lockable storage for tools varies, but starts at a fairly modest level. Toolboxes that lock, for example, can be found for under $100. These are not very large, meaning they can only fit so many tools. Also, the lock does not necessarily provide a large amount of security, since a smaller toolbox can be picked up and carried away fairly easily. The price and portability must be weighed against the need for security.