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Two Common Causes Of Poor Indoor Plant Growth

indoor led grow lightAre your indoor plants not growing the way that you want them to? Are your vegetables and fruits coming out small and puny? Are you plants leaves rotting or getting brown spots? If this is the case then more than likely your plants are suffering from one of the two most common gardener mistakes. If your plants suffer from any of the above symptoms then you are in luck because today we are going to be talking about how to solve your common problems.

The first condition that we are going to be learning how to solve is watering. This seems like a very easy thing to do but for the most part people either over water the plant or do not provide the plant with enough adequate drainage. Doing either of these will cause your plant to rot or become waterlogged and fall over. This will eventually cause your plant to catch a bacterial or fungi infection and die. To remedy this your best bet is to plant your plants in pots that have drain holes in them and only water then plants once or twice a week depending on how dry the top layer or soil feels.

The second type of common indoor plant care mistake is improper lighting. If your plants are producing small fruits and vegetables or are not growing very strong roots or are just weak looking in general then this is definitely something to consider as over fifty percent of indoor gardeners do not have the right type of lights on their plants. The type of lights that I prefer to use on my tomato plants are LED indoor grow lights. I choose to use these lights for my personal garden because they pull very little power and they provide the plants with the full range of the growth spectrum. Indoor led grow lights are just one type of grow light that is out there, but whichever type of light that you have make sure that they are meant for growing plants and preferably in the blue end of the growth spectrum for the growing process and red end of the spectrum for the flowering and fruiting process. Also one of the biggest mistakes I see all of the time with new growers is putting their LED lights way to close to their plants resulting in the burning and withering and eventually dyeing of the plant.