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Solar Garden Lights AND LEDs

Beautiful landscaping is essential to the overall design and aesthetics of your home.  Considering how important landscaping is, you should keep in mind the importance of garden lights.  Choosing from the different kinds of garden lighting can be difficult due to the amount of choices available.  Each kind of light, whether it be halogen, solar or LED will emit a different amount of light and use a different amount of energy.

LED garden lights are the most efficient in energy use when comparing lights that require electricity to run.  LED bulbs have a higher initial cost compared to the incandescent bulb, but have the power to last 50 times longer than other bulbs.  LED garden lighting also use a lot less power to operate, only require a 13 watt bulb to emit the same amount of light as a 40 watt incandescent bulb.

solargardenlightsIf you wish to use garden lights that require zero energy to use, then consider solar garden lights.  The only energy they require is from the sun and charge during the day, storing the collected power in batteries to use during the night.  This gives these lights the distinct pleasure of being the cheapest lights to use.  Solar lights normally use LED bulbs to emit their light because they are so efficient in using energy.  Solar lights are also equipped with a sensor that can tell the difference between night and day, so the lights only come on during the proper time.

You will notice that the initial cost of purchasing LED or solar garden lights is higher than other lights, but this is quickly recovered within the first season or two of using them.  They last longer and have more efficient energy usage, so they do not need to be replaced as often as other garden lights.  You can find great prices on these types of lights by searching online retailers.