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Lawn Leaf Vacuum

As a homeowner or owner of any property there can be few things more frustrating than when fall comes and the leaves begin to pile up on your lawn. However, there are devices out there that can make removing those leaves much easier. One of the most practical is the lawn leave vacuum because it not only removes the leaves from your lawn, but makes disposal easier and, unlike a leaf blower, there is little risk of the leaves blowing back on your lawn.

Lawn leaf vacuums come in a wide variety of sizes and models. They do resemble leaf blowers in a lot of ways. Many of the lawn leaf vacuum models are worn in a similar way and have a long hose. Other models of lawn leaf vacuums actually resemble lawn mowers except for the long hose attachments.

Essentially the operator of the lawn garden vacuum runs the machine over the leaves on the lawn. There is no need for raking or putting leaves into piles. The lawn leaf vacuum runs over the leaves and, in a similar fashion to a vacuum used in the home, sucks the leaves into the machine. They are then collected in a bag located at the back of the machine which can be emptied in a receptacle much the way a lawn mower is emptied.

Finding the right lawn leaf vacuum for your yard is important. Your budget can determine the size, but also the size of the lawn. A lawn leaf vacuum that resembles a lawn mower might work better if you have a larger lawn. There are even lawn leaf vacuums that can be ridden like a riding lawn mower for particularly big jobs. Smaller jobs might require a lawn leaf vacuum device that also doubles as a leaf blower.

The Green Way to Collect Leaves

Fallen leaves in the Autumn can cause a lot of problems not only for people but also the ground that they fall upon. Wet leaves are a great hazard to pedestrians and vehicles alike, not only are they hazardous they can also damage a well looked after lawn. To prevent the hazards and reduce the damage caused by fallen leaves you really should remove the leaves as soon as they fall and ideally before they get wet.

There are many methods of collecting leaves ranging from the traditional rake and brush method through to the automated gas/electric powered leaf collectors. Your lifestyle age and physical ability will determine which method is best for you, if you’ve got the time and energy raking up a lawn full of leaves may well provide you with a good workout. If times limited though you may well be better using an automated method for collecting leaves. Automated leaf collectors go by various names such as lawn sweepers, leaf sweepers, lawn hoovers or leaf blowers, but they are all focused on the same task and that is to collect leaves efficiently. Automated leaf collectors make the job of collecting leaves extremely quick and easy and depending on the type you buy they will work on grass and hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac.

Some people will have no option to use an electric or gas powered leaf collector but do not underestimate the environmental impact of these devices. An electric leaf sweeper will consume a lot of electricity and a gas fuelled one a lot of gas and release harmful pollution in to the environment. The greener way to collect leaves would be to use a hand powered leaf sweeper – they are no where near as physically demanding as raking up leaves and they are almost as easy to use a powered collector.