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The Downside Of Taking Care Of Your Own Lawn

Taking care of a lawn through the spring, summer and into the fall months is certainly a big job. In addition to cutting the grass, trimming, and pulling weeds, the lawn also needs to be raked. The walks need to be swept and the grass and weeds must be bagged. Then, it is necessary to water during the long dry spells. If you have shrubbery, it needs periodic trimming and shaping, and the flowerbeds need to be weeded. All of this is done in the hot summer sun!

Hiring a neighborhood kid does not always work out to your advantage. Unless the teenager is responsible and meticulous with his work, your property will suffer. Most teens will give your lawn a quick cut, but they are not willing to pull weeds and take care of flowerbeds and shrubs. When a teen does the work, much of the time, you the owner are overseeing the job.

Those managing a professional lawn care service are more knowledgeable and more dependable. It is important to ask them for references, as well as a detailed quote for the work. The quote needs to be in writing and both parties need to sign it and date it. Make certain that the service knows exactly what you want done and how you want it to look when it is finished. Be as specific as you possibly can. A truly professional service will be insured and have well-trained and well-qualified workers. They will know what products should be used on your lawn to take care of special problems, such as certain types of weeds and the bugs that will ultimately kill your grass. They also know how to feed the lawn properly.

If you are can afford to use a good, professional lawn service, it will save you a great deal of time, energy, and grief. It will look like a professional took care of it and your home will be envy of the neighborhood.

Ways To Keep 3 Different Pests Out Of Your Garden

People who own their own garden tend to want to spend a lot of money and time making it look fantastic.  The problem is that all sorts of pests try to come into your garden and as a result cause problems.  They might be eating your leaves, fruit, berries or simply creating big mounds of earth all over your lawn.  There are so many different pests that the average gardener has to deal with, here are tips for three of them.

Deer – The majority of people tend to think of the Disney movie Bambi whenever the think about deer.  The problem is that people who have lovely gardens can end up having problems with deer coming in and destroying their plants.  The best thing to do in this situation is to build a deer fence which will be high enough to keep these particular pests out.  You might also want to think about plants that deer don’t particularly like to eat such as Yarrow, Bugleweed, Bellflower and Tickseed.

Birds -Although the vast majority of folks spend a lot of money trying to encourage birds into their gardens, there are some who want to keep birds away from their plants which have fruit and berries.  One of the best ways to deal with the birds in this case would be to buy netting to protect these plants.  However there is a vast array of other products you can buy such as scare balloons and electronic pest repellents.

Moles -Moles generally aren’t too much of a problem unless you have a lawn.  A lawn that used to be perfectly flat and green can quickly end up with mole hills all over it.  Some people even claim that moles cause damage to roots, however there are also those who say they are actually beneficial to soil because they help to aerate it.  If you just want rid of them then you might want to look at trapping them. There’s also a device that you insert into the ground and it will make sounds that the moles hate.

You may see these creatures as being pests however please don’t do anything that could damage people, pets or other innocent animals.  This is particularly the case with poisons and traps that are indiscriminately used.  Perhaps you will want to try and work with nature and accept them into your garden instead.  A lot of natural habitat is being lost and gardens might be their only refuge.

Lawn and Garden Decor Choices

When it comes to decorating both your lawn and garden, there are quite a number of things to consider. For starters, you would want to choose a piece of decoration that would suit your personality and at the same time, help you feel relaxed whenever you see them. After all, these 2 places are supposed to bring you calm whenever you’re in them. Whilst the concept seems easy enough to accomplish, it can get tricky when it comes to finding the right balance.

You should go about decorating both your lawn as well as your garden in the same manner you would decorate the interior of your home. There should always be a single unifying theme to everything. Having this theme would make sure that you don’t go overboard as well as provide you with a starting point when it comes to the particular kind of outdoor furniture and décor that you should purchase.

So the first thing you have to do is pick a theme. Once you have one picked out, you can then choose which color should be dominant and what kind of flowers and other plants you want to have. Color is one of the major focuses of any lawn and garden décor. In fact, it can make or break your whole design so remember to choose one that fits your theme perfectly. Of course, something lively is always nice to see. Blues, yellows and pinks are commonplace in many gardens.

As for furniture, make sure that everything is waterproof and that they would be able to stand against various weather changes. Weather-beaten furnishings actually look lovely in the middle of all those natural colors so wicker or steel furniture would be wonderful to have. In fact, mismatch chairs and tables would be quite charming as well. Garden lighting can be a huge addition to the functionality and aesthetic of your landscape as well.

Last but not the least; add personal touches such as seashells, small trinkets that you’ve collected. You can also add candles, incense and pillows which would give your lawn and garden space a warmer feel.