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Let’s Go Lawn Care Green This Weekend – Irrigation

You know all the trends these days are headed towards “going green” and of course, what better way to do that then with your home lawn care practices? But there is a lot more to it than just using organic fertilizers and electric lawn mowers. If you want to start going green on your lawn right now, follow these bits of advice in reference to how you water your lawn at home.

Water The Lawn Efficiently

Too many of you like to run your irrigation system every single day for 10 minutes per zone. Honestly guys, that is the biggest waste of water imaginable. The reason is because 10 minutes of water is not enough to penetrate the thatch layer and soak into the root zone where grass plants can use it. Those 10 minute sprinkles just end of getting evaporated away when the sun comes up and that is a waste of a precious resource.

If you want to go green by watering properly, then cut back your irrigation to just twice per week but leave the zones on for 30 minutes each time. If you water 30 minutes per zone twice per week, your water will run 60 minutes total, but more the water will reach the soil and help the turf. But if you stay on the 10 minutes per zone every day schedule I talked about previously, you are using 70 minutes of water per week and almost none of it is getting used. You tell me which way is better?

The last piece to this little puzzle is your choice of sprinkler, and more importantly, keeping the water on target. If you have a sprinkler system, or if you buy a manual sprinkler, you want to keep the water in the lawn and not on your driveway, sidewalk or in the street. Get a sprinkler that keeps the water low to the ground and try not to run it on windy days. Remember, we want the water in the grass, not the gutters!

Pretty simple tips I know, but going green doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes it just takes a little common lawn care sense. For more information on going green in lawn care, visit www.naturalgreenlawn.com .