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5 Reasons to Use a Lawn Roller or Soil Roller – Sheila

Lawn rollers come in different sizes and are usually made of steel or polyethylene. They can weigh several hundred pounds when filled so be sure that you exercise caution when you use them.

1. For a Level Lawn: A lawn roller is designed to be heavy so that it can level the surface of the soil of your lawn. It keeps the soil flat and even. This will maintain your lawn yard.  It’s also use for packing down new sod and seeds. It also repairs those bulges on the lawn created by rodents and frost heaving during the winter.

2. For laying sod and grass seeds: After over-seeding new grass seed and sod, they are pushed further into the soil by a Soil roller so that they can germinate better. They usually grow faster once they are well buried in the soil.

3. For Lawn Repair: To even out the level of your lawn and enhance its appearance, a lawn roller is usually utilized. It can also repair the damage animals have done to your lawn. It also improves the continuity and attachment of grass roots of new grown grass to the soil.  Lawn aerators can also help.

4. To Improve Water drainage: Lawns with flaws such as uneven surfaces will promote accumulation of water in certain areas. This may cause growth of molds, fungi, etc. This will also deprive the other areas from proper hydration. With the use of lawn rollers, the surface can be evened and shallow areas corrected for proper drainage.

5. For a Professionally manicured Lawn: Lawns are usually created with stripes with a look of dark and light rows of stripes,. To attain this, roll one row in one direction and turn around and roll in the opposite way to create this style. An even lawn also gives the advantage of easy maintenance in mowing. An even surface can promote an easier and faster clearing of your grounds.

How the Roller Garden Can Keep Things Rolling Along

The life cycle of any garden calls for a series of planned events: the sprouting of planted seeds, the growth of the plants that form from those seeds, and then the death of the same plant. However, certain outside forces can prevent the forward movement of that life cycle. Moles, for instance, can keep plant growth from proceeding the way it is supposed to.

However, the availability of a tool known by the term “garden lawn roller” can help to keep things “rolling along.” For example, that rolling device can help to tap down the planted seeds. It manages to apply just the right amount of pressure to the soil.

In addition, a garden roller can be used to chase away any unwanted mole. Now you do not need to poison the pest. Simply fill your chosen rolling “attacker” with one part Castor oil and eighty  parts of water. Then apply that mole chasing solution to the affected area.

This solution works well in areas where the number of pets exceeds the number of garden rollers. This solution can not kill any animal, although it can drive moles out of a section of your property. It could displease a pet, but if you also feed and care for that same animal, then its displeasure should soon be erased.

Now if this trick inspires you to buy a garden hose roller, then you should know what to look for. Check for the a device that is easy to fill. Search for a piece that will not dent or rust. That way you are sure to “get your money’s worth” from your lawn care and gardening tool.

As word of your mole fighting ways spreads, and as neighbors witness the flowering of your garden plants, they are apt to talk among themselves about your “green” thumb and the roller garden it has created.

Lawn Rollers

Roll roll roll your lawn gently down the street! Well ok I am just joking here but I think if you have a lawn or a garden, it would be fantastic if you could also get a lawn roller so that what needs to be rolled on in your garden can be given a good hard rolling! One of the best pieces of equipment that can be used for the garden includes the lawn roller. The lawn roller is useful when you need to even out the lawn, say if there are bumps or maybe the surface is not flat and is actually indented, then you really should get a lawn roller to flatten things out. I know that the price of a lawn roller can be very steep. That is why you can always choose to rent a lawn roller instead of buying one. However for most of the people who keep nice lawns or gardens, I have a feeling that buying a lawn roller does not have any effect on your pockets! I only wish to say that people with nice beautiful gardens should already be spending a good sum of money tidying them up and would most likely already have a lawn roller.

lawn rollerAnyways, even if yours is just a small garden, lawn rollers are not that expensive when you compare it to other equipment that you may want to get for the garden, such as a statue or maybe a fountain. But I think that before you start adding the big nice stuff, it would be wiser to ensure that the basics are well done first. Besides why bother to get a statue or fountain when the ground is not level. Then again if you are planting some flowers or other types of plants in the garden you would surely need a lawn roller. So just get one and be fast about it!