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Large Atomic Wall Clocks – Bold and Dramatic

Large atomic wall clocks can make a bold and dramatic statement in almost any room. Being the most accurate time piece around, the atomic clock can definitely serve to keep us on track with our frenzied modern-day schedules. Color and design are secondary with this style of wall clock, as the trademark of this clock is infrequent need for setting and its automatic adjustment for time changes.

Atomic clocks are the most precise in the world. They are radio-controlled clocks which receive a radio signal from the top-dog of clocks, the Cesium Fountain atomic clock located in Boulder, Colorado. It is important to note that one of these clocks purchased in the U.S. will not work in another country such as Europe or the Far East, as each clock contains a chip specific to a particular region.

Large-style atomic clocks are available online for as little as $39.97. Many models come with an all-digital face which in addition to the time, displays inside and outside temperatures and the day of the week and date. This style of clock is also available with the more traditional face of Arabic numbers and a temperature thermometer. Many digital styles come with extra large numbers for easy reading.

If you have a taste for more classic styles, you may want to find a large Roman numeral wall clock. Nearly every variation of wall-style clock comes with a Roman-numerals option for the face of the clock. One of the most enduring styles – the schoolhouse clock – is even more charming with a Roman-numeral style face.

The price varies depending on the size of the clock, the materials used, and the complexity of the mechanical movements. Whether you choose the ultra-modern atomic clock or a vintage-style clock with Roman numerals, a wall clock makes a fine addition to any home’s décor.

Large Wall Clocks: Just Some Basics

large wall clockWe all have at least one clock inside our homes. What does it mean? Well, nowadays, we feel like we don’t have as much time as we used to.  There is a clock on about every appliance in the modern home.  There are many different types of clocks and that’s why people can choose one that can perfectly match the décor of a certain room of their house. Many people have clocks on their nightstands, on their desk, fireplace mantel, but clocks were initially created to be placed on walls. That’s why in this article we will talk about large wall clocks and how they can look great inside your home as well. If you don’t have one in your home, I’m sure that you saw this type of clock when you visited your friends or your relatives. Many people use large clocks in their living rooms or in their dining rooms. These spaces are just more conducive to the size room necessary for a bigger clock.  The most important advantage is that wall clocks are not only telling you what time it is – if you know how to choose the right one – it can completely change the aspect of a certain room.

The most important advantage of this type of clocks is that anyone can see what the time is. Usually, these larger clocks have proportionally larger numbers and that means that even people that are wearing glasses can see them easily.  It is even recommended for people who have medical problems or issues with their eyes to purchase large clocks.  White backgrounds with black colored numbers have the most contrast, as you might imagine.  In this way, they will have no problems to see what time it is.  You should also know that there are essentially two different types of numeral markings: those with Arabic numbers and those with Roman numbers. Both have a distinct look and can work with various types of home décor features.

If you intend to purchase a large wall clock for your home, know how to hang it properly.  The last thing you need is for this big clock to come crashing down into your room.  The newer models are cast of resins, so their weight is typically not an issue.  And, if you are looking at a larger one because of the large space on a wall, you are certain to find a good mounting stud somewhere.  These large styles are really going to impress you and change the look of your space.  Good luck in choosing the perfect large wall clock!

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