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Designing Your Backyard Landscape

Patio lights can help you finish the look and style of your backyard. They are just the finishing touches however in the entire design of the landscape and ”lightscape” of your backyard.  When designing your backyard landscape, you will want to focus first on the natural parts of your backyard. Is there a rock outcropping? A close grove of trees might also have to be planned around as well. Perhaps there might be an area where the grass is not growing so well? Each of these things needs to be planned for when designing a backyard landscape.

Planning Around The Natural Variations of Backyard Landscape

So what can you do if you have trees growing fairly close to each other? One thing to do is to make a nice garden out of the ground. With the trees growing there, they will soak up a lot of water. This may or may not allow you to grow a thick, lush lawn under the trees. So your better option is to remove any sod under the trees and plant some bushes and some flowers. Cover the rest of the area with mulch and you’ve now turned an area of patchy grass and bare soil into something beautiful. The same type of thinking can go into other areas of your landscape. Just be open to new ideas on how to improve the looks of your backyard and you will have an easier time in the design phase.

Don’t Forget To Light Up Your Backyard Landscape

After installation of all the trees, rocks, bushes and the pouring of concrete and building of decks, you will want to show your masterpiece off during the day and at night. So installing the proper lighting around your property is a great way to do this. Part of this lighting design, is the ubiquitous patio lights. Make sure you include them in any “lightscape” design that you concoct.