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MFI Kitchen: An Epitome of Enduring Style and Real Class

What Is MFI?

In the glorious days of the past, a furniture retailer from the United Kingdom reigned supreme. Originally baptized as Mullard Furniture Industries when it was created in 1964, MFI Group Limited rose remarkably steadily to seemingly unending popularity, supplying bedroom and kitchen furniture in UK, catering to both the masses and the elite with their classic designs. MFI enjoyed many decades of success. However, due primarily to financial problems that continued to plague the company, along with numerous changes in ownership, MFI was placed in administration on November 2008. Only a month after, the company finally stopped trading.

What Does MFI Stand for?

But even though the MFI Group Limited is no more, it doesn’t necessarily follow that its legacy to the world of design has been wiped out too. If anything, MFI kitchens remains sought-after, highly coveted by those with a passion for style and functionality. People with good taste associate the name with fine things that don’t just look good but serve their purpose incredibly well, too. The designs of the company have become inspiration to a lot of manufacturers, those that are now ruling the interior design market. Today, many of the original MFI styles can be seen in models from new companies.

Why Invest in MFI?

Having an MFI kitchen is a good idea. The kitchen (as well as the bedroom) pieces bring instant elegance to an ordinary space simply because they are a collective testament to the genius of MFI’s innovative designs, which continue to draw raves from style critics and homemakers alike. Having these pieces can make a world of difference to the look and feel of your home. And they can help you start conversations with guests. Aside from their stylish appeal, these pieces are also durable, made from the most trusted materials. They are essentially a great investment.

Where Can You Get MFI?

If you happen to be a big fan of MFI, you’ll be happy to know that old models of MFI kitchens are being sold by different groups, as well as individuals, today. Here in the internet you can easily find numerous websites that offer discounts and clearance sales for MFI furniture. There is a wide range of pieces available. The displays alone can make your eyes light up with adoration and that inevitable greed. After all, what you have before you are furniture pieces that epitomize timeless designs. But beware of websites that sell imitations or damaged goods.

So, what are you waiting for? Search the web for available MFI bedroom and kitchen pieces now!

Installing a Range Hood Into Your Kitchen

Range hoods will keep your kitchen free of smoke, excess heat, food odors and contaminants that the cooking of food can create. A hood is a necessary item, and the more you use your range, the more important it will be for you to own one.

There are a number of different range hood designs from which to choose for your kitchen needs. Your appliance will consist of a fan, usually with two or three speeds, and a light, sometimes with two levels, to illuminate your work area. Your hood may be wall-mounted, fit under a cabinet, or hang down from the ceiling to take care of an island range. It can be ducted or ductless.

Most range hoods are constructed of sturdy stainless steel with aluminum filters that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Push button controls for easy operation are another feature you will find in the majority of your range hoods. Other features may include a three speed motor, a delay timer and automatic shutoff on the blower, and a manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Kitchen range hoods can be very basic and simple or of a more elaborate design. Just because a range hood is a functional item does not mean it cannot be attractive as well. The design largely depends on the decor of your kitchen and what your taste warrants. If you want your hood to blend in and not be noticeable, you would most likely want to stick with something that is simple in design. But if your kitchen is elegant and you want your range hood to match, then you should choose a design that is sleek and elaborate. It can even be the focal point of your kitchen, especially if it is a hood for an island range. That type of hood is hard not to notice because it stands out in the center of the room.

Whatever decor you may have in your kitchen, choose wisely from the assortment of kitchen range hoods that are available. It should be functional and reliable, but it wouldn’t hurt if it looks good as well.

Tips on Kitchen Renovation

kitchen designEvery woman or man who cooks has an idea of the perfect kitchen for their needs. There are many suggestions of the perfect kitchen in magazines and on the internet. If one watches any of the chefs on TV, there are more ideas available for anyone looking forward to a kitchen renovation.

The space that you have available plays a large part in determining exactly what can be done with the kitchen. If the area that one is working with is small, one must decide what is important to them. It could be appliances, storage, counter space or deciding if a kitchen table is to be used. Usually counter space is one of the main objectives. This is especially important for a person who cooks a lot.

Appliances are another big consideration. One needs a stove, refrigerator and of course a sink. Then one must decide if they want a microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven and other items. Once again, space is a major consideration when it comes to these appliances. There are many features available for storage of these items, such as under the cabinet items which fit right under the cabinets. However, if considering these items, it is important to make sure that there is enough area between the kitchen cabinets and counter.

Many kitchens today have a kitchen island. This is in the middle of the kitchen and holds small appliances, sometimes it will have a sink. The island provides a large work area and many times the top of it is a cutting board. It also provides extra storage space in the form of extra cupboards and kitchen drawers. In a smaller kitchen, however, an island is often not practical.

There are programs on the internet that will allow one to plan their kitchen online. Options are given for size, appliances and other features. This is invaluable for someone who has plenty of ideas but is unsure of exactly what will work in their kitchen.