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Decorating With Kitchen Canisters

We all know that kitchen canisters are useful for storing dry goods such as pasta, flour, sugar, coffee and other similar items. You can actually also use them for storing and organizing little kitchen nick-knacks as well if you want such as rubber bands, twist ties, or any other small miscellaneous items that look messy if left out on counters or get disorganized when left in kitchen drawers and yet are used on a very regular basis in the kitchen. Yet perhaps one of the best uses for a kitchen canister set is to use it as decorations around the kitchen.

As I have several other posts about kitchen canisters and canister sets that cover a lot of good information on choosing canisters for storage, I thought with this post I could cover different décor ideas solely. There are some absolutely stunningly beautiful canister sets available, many made from porcelain, that would simply look great sitting in any kitchen.  The great thing is, if you are using them primarily for decorative purposes you do not have to be overly concerned about how well they seal either–though probably you will want to use them both for décor and food storage, especially if space is a little limited in the kitchen.

Color Choices: First of all, decide on the color that would best accent your kitchen before buying your kitchen storage canisters. If your kitchen is predominantly brown, for example, burgundy looks great.  However, almost any color goes well with brown so you have a wide range of canisters to choose from.  Try color coordinating your dish towels, hand towels and canisters and throw down some similar colored kitchen mats as well.  This will not only look good but the coordination will also help your kitchen look more organized.

Style: There are many different styles of kitchen canister sets to choose from as well.  If you want to go for the country kitchen look, you can choose canisters that have an old-fashioned appeal. Of course, do not forget the infamous rooster design–which is guaranteed to add a touch of the ‘old world’ to your kitchen setup. Another quaint old style canister is the style that resembles old cans, replicas of the actual cans or containers that dry goods were sold in, in the past. Floral designs on the canisters also fit well with a country style kitchen. As far as accessorizing your kitchen, you could choose a predominate color that is present on the canisters and coordinate your towels, cloths, curtains and mats with that same color. If you like variety you could choose two or three different colors and buy matching accessories, and then switch all accessories as often as you like–although you would likely need to stick with the same curtains, so perhaps choose those with a background color in mind.

European style canisters are often a hit too. Look for those with a decidedly French or Italian design and lettering. For some reason French seems to be a favorite, and the labels are usually similar enough to English that you, or anyone else working in the kitchen, should be able to distinguish exactly what canister is used for which ingredient.  My personal favorite is Mexican designed canisters, or Talavera Pottery. Match that with a white tablecloth on your kitchen table that has delicate Mexican embroidery and some other Mexican decorations; including Mexican style curtains and other odds and ends around the kitchen and you will have an instantly transformed kitchen that is just waiting for you to roll out the tacos!

If you have a modern designed kitchen with stainless steel accents you may want to go for either stainless steel or glass canisters; both look great and match the other décor and kitchen utensils well.  Another idea, if you want to add some color to the kitchen–which is not a bad idea if there is a lot of stainless steel–is to buy some colored ceramic or porcelain canisters that are either one solid color or that feature some kind of geometric designs.  These will add a dab of color and give you something to base your other accessories on.

Of course, you can go with whatever theme you desire. Look for antique canisters and design a Victorian kitchen for example. Or add a Mediterranean flavor with grape covered kitchen canister and olive green mats and towels.

You do not have to invest a lot of money in canisters. While I prefer the heavier ceramic or glass canisters, you can also buy many different acrylic or plastic canisters that look great and have fantastic designs on them as well.  In fact, some people prefer plastic as it is cheaper and it is not as liable to chip or break as either porcelain or glass.  It does tend to retain odors, though, so if you put dry ingredients in a plastic canister; especially some that have a very distinctive smell such as some herbs and spices, you will not want to switch and use it for sugar at a later date, for example.

When possible it is best to try to buy all matching kitchen canister sets. They usually come in different sizes and you may not be able to find both larger dry good canisters and smaller spice canisters that match exactly, but usually with a little shopping around you can at least find something that complements.

Have fun choosing your kitchen storage canisters and decorating your kitchen with them.  A small item that can make a big difference, it really does add color, life and warmth to your kitchen to keep décor in mind when adding kitchen accessories.

Kitchen Canister Sets

There are many different styles, designs and shapes of kitchen canister sets. They are made from many different types of material including stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and even stoneware. You can also find acrylic kitchen canisters.

There a many advantages to using canisters in the kitchen for storing food. They are very practical to use as they allow you to have dry goods and other needed items on hand, and you do not have to open the packages or look in drawers and cupboards while you’re in the midst of cooking. One of the most important things a kitchen canister set does is keep your food fresh and free from bugs and other pests that tend to invade dry goods, such as weevils. Aside from these practical uses kitchen canisters are also often used to beautify your kitchen and to add to your overall kitchen décor.

The most durable type of canister sets for kitchens are those made from either stainless steel or acrylic. They last well, they are easy to wash and keep clean, and they do not easily break or check; although you do need to be careful with hard acrylic canisters as they can actually crack and break if they’re not handled carefully. Glass, stoneware and ceramic kitchen canisters on the other hand do need to be handled with care. They will chip if they are inadvertently banged against something, and they will also break if they’re dropped on a hard surface.

It is hard to say what type of canister is the most popular as people have different preferences. Many people prefer to use stainless steel canisters, as they look neat and tidy and they also match very well with different kitchen appliances and utensils. Other people prefer to use glass canisters so that they can easily see the glance what is kept inside the canister. Incidentally, an option with the stainless steel canister is to buy one that has either a section of glass in the middle of the actual canister, or a glass lid. Other people prefer ceramic canisters, mainly because they do look very decorative and are able to buy them in all sorts of different styles designs and colors. Thus, they are very easy to match with the rest of your kitchen décor.

Choosing Kitchen Canisters Sets

It is important, of course, when choosing kitchen canister sets that you find something that blends in well with your kitchen and that will look good whether it’s stored on the counter or in a glass door cabinet. However there are other important details that you should think about when buying kitchen canisters.

If you’re planning on storing dry goods in the canister it is vitally important that it hasn’t in a tight seal. It should protect your food and dry goods or whatever is stored in the container and do a good job of that otherwise you’re going to find that your food will go off, dry goods will go stale and they may become infested with bugs.

It is also a good also buy canisters that are easy to clean and care for. No doubt, if you use your canisters a lot they will become dirty and will need cleaning fairly often. Try to find something that you can put into the dishwasher, as that will really save you a lot of time when it comes to doing basic kitchen cleanup.

It is fairly easy to shop for kitchen canisters. They’re available at many home décor shops, online, and very easy to find and pick up. Of course not all that you see will be of top quality, and for that reason it is often best to try and buy from some of the better home accessory shops. You can also buy these canisters very easily online. For example they’re available on Amazon, and in many other online stores. The great thing with buying canisters and other kitchen appliances and accessories online is that often you will be able to check out different reviews that people made about these items and base your choice of what to buy in part on what other people said. While you do get many varied reviews on items, generally if there is a real weakness in the design of one type of canister several people will bring this up and it will be fairly obvious there is a problem.

In summary, when you’re planning on buying kitchen canisters you should think about the type of canister set you want to buy, what you want it to be made from, and what size is your looking for, whether it is important for you to be able to see the items stored inside the canister or not, and ease of use and care.

Most kitchen canister sets usually consist of anywhere from 3 to 6 canisters some of the canisters are labeled with the ingredients that are meant to be stored inside. It is actually a good idea to store the ingredients that are mentioned on the canister actually inside the canister as otherwise, if someone else is cooking in your kitchen, they may not realize that it has something different stored in it and consequently they may make a mistake when they’re preparing a meal or a snack.

You can buy some canister sets for as little as $20 while some of the designer brands can cost over $100 or more depending on who they were made by, how many canisters they are, what they’re made from, and their size. Look for sales of kitchen storage canisters, as you can save quite a lot of money by buying items when they are on sale. If you’re buying online, look for offers with free shipping. This is probably going to be fairly important if you end up buying ceramic kitchen canister sets or even glass canisters which can be quite heavy to ship.