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Completing Johnson Brothers Chippendale Collectible Items

What makes a collection great is not by the number of pieces but with the completeness of your Johnson Brothers English Chippendale tableware. From the mugs, plates and even to the rarest platters and serving dishes, if you have them all that’s when a collection would be considered great.

But that doesn’t mean you should just keep one of each, especially with everyday tableware such as the plates and mugs. You have to keep at least a complete set of 6, depending how many are in your family. If there are eight of you in the family, then you should get at least an 8 set of cups, saucers and plates—the basic items. That doesn’t mean you should end your collection with those simple items. Go broader with more rare pieces such as tea cups, sugar bowls, gravy bowls and a lot more. There are even Johnson Brothers egg platters in the market.

Next, you should know when to replace your collections. You should do a regular inventory of your collection. That way you will know when you will need to replace a missing item in your collection. You may do your inventory any time at your convenience. Just make sure you do it regularly. You never know when your kids break a platter or a mug.

Do not worry about where to get replacements for your broken or missing collectible items. You can watch it out in eBay. If it is a rare item, you better keep coming back to eBay for that. One of these days, there would surely a collector that would want to give up one of his collections.

Collecting Johnson Brothers is fun and very rewarding especially when you realize how extensive and complete your collection is. You would surely love to host dinner parties, tea parties and soiree just to show off your various Johnson Brothers collections. Have fun!