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Japanese Platform Beds

The low profile and simple design of a Japanese platform bed has found its niche in contemporary bedrooms everywhere. Typified by warm wood, constructed with clean lines and true to the materials it is made from, this bed is as comfortable as it is unobtrusive.

This style of bedroom furniture follows a zen tradition of adhering to nature.  Because of this, a Japanese style bed design will labor to exhibit the natural wood grain as much as possible, allowing the beauty of the wood to be the embellishment.

Although they are simple, these harmonious beds exude a great amount of elegance.  A bed made in the true spirit of zen will be manufactured with environmentally friendly, sustainably harvested timber.  It also means an ergonomic design and non-toxic finishes.  Not every Japanese platform bed frame will adhere to these standards, but there are many companies who do, and they are worth seeking out.

One such company is Haiku designs, specialists in contemporary Japanese furniture. Purchase a bed from this company or any other selling contemporary furniture in the East Asian style, and you are sure to find an entire bedroom set to match.

Look for rustic dressers and night stands with aged iron pulls on the drawers, and even low-seated chairs to carry on the Japanese design of the room.  Take the look a step further by using tatami mats instead of chairs.

The Japanese platform bed is an excellent alternative to the traditional futon, which requires regular reshaping, and can become uncomfortable after some use.  With a platform, one can seat a regular mattress on the bed of any size; usually King and Queen.

This style of low profile bed is easy to get into, and adds rich accents to a bedroom, without overwhelming it.  The design adds warmth and a touch of nature to your bedroom.  Add an organic mattress and bedding to complete the theme.