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Designing Your Kitchen For The Household Chef

island range hoodThe kitchen is the heart of a home. It is often the area where we come together to meet, eat and share many of life’s great and even sad moments. But other than that, the kitchen serves mostly as a food processing plant. Raw materials are brought in and finished product (food) is the result. But to facilitate this process, and to place less strain on the person working and running the kitchen, careful thought and consideration should be taken into the design and layout of the kitchen.

Most kitchens today are designed around what is known as a work triangle. This is an imaginary triangle that links the washbasin, fridge and stove. In an ideal kitchen these will be between four to six feet apart, with the basin and fridge accessible to others without interfering with the space needed around the cooking range. The best way to accomplish this is to design a kitchen with an island cooking range. And while you’re at it, have a look at some of the available hoods, because island range hoods place really well in today’s modern kitchen. Especially to ensure the cook of the household remains cool and calm while working his magic. A stainless steel island range hood is really are like a dream come true for many amateur chefs.

The other important part of a well-designed kitchen is the pantry. There are many options when looking at pantries, but ensure that it is within close range of the range top. Continuous treks from the range to the pantry can result in cooking frustration for the chef. A partial layout with a dishwasher placed near the basin or on the pathway of dishes coming into the kitchen helps with the organization and cleanliness of the kitchen. Considering the flow of traffic into your kitchen, really does go a long way when designing the kitchen for superb practicality and ease for the master chef of the house.