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Indoor Fruit Trees: Choosing The Ideal Tree For Your Home

Indoor fruit trees are rapidly becoming very popular in the gardening hobby. That’s because not only is it a real treat to grow your own citrus fruit, but the trees are easy to care for too!

Types Of Indoor Fruit Trees

Currently, there are about a dozen different types of indoor fruit trees you can buy. Some are new to the market and some are quite well established.

A few of the long standing varieties are the Meyer lemon tree, dwarf lime, and indoor tangerine tree. More recent varieties include indoor pomegranate, indoor orange, and new indoor fig trees.

There are even indoor fruit trees that produce more than one fruit on the same tree! We own what is called a 3-in-1 citrus tree which offers lemons, limes, and tangerines on the same tree. The crop of fruit is several pounds per year and it’s very rare we ever need to buy lemons or tangerines in the supermarket any more.

Indoor Fruit Tree Recommendations

One way to approach your purchase of an indoor fruit tree is to consider what type of fruit you like best. There are even indoor banana, pineapple, and grapefruit trees so let your imagination wander.

Also consider what type of fruit you like to cook with or use in recipes. We constantly use lemons and limes in cooking, so these two varieties are not only visually pleasing, they save money in the long run.

If you just want to try your hand at growing one of these trees to see how it goes, we recommend either the Meyer lemon or an indoor lime tree. Both are easy to care for and quite prolific. One word of caution though; you’ll need to be patient. Most of these trees won’t bear fruit for about a year.

Cost And Care

You can spend about $60 on one of these trees but we certainly do not recommend it. Our recommended online sources offer vibrant, healthy indoor citrus trees for less than $20, no matter what variety you choose.

As for care, you will receive detailed instructions once your tree arrives, but suffice it to say the two key factors are sun exposure and consistent watering. These trees need about six hours of sunlight per day and watering once a week.

Also, you should plan to mist the tree a few times per week because they love humidity!