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A Look at the Ikea Billy Boockase and Expedit

When a buying a bookcase, there are a lot of  things to consider. The size, the shape and color are just among the details that you must take into account. And here’s the good news. Ikea has the largest and most distinct collection of bookcases where you can select the one that you really like.

Currently, Ikea’s best selling bookcase is the Expedit. The Expedit has an extraordinary design which may seem like a 4 by 4 structure with 16 different  sections for your storage. The four shelves are segregated into four distinct sections which will  be easy for you to categorize your stuff. Moreover, because of its grid-like design, you don’t have to be bothered with an extensive bookshelves.

Another amazing  feature of the Expedit bookcase is that it can hold heavy items  even up to six pounds. With this,  you can store more items in the bookcase without worrying of its weight. This is another advantage of an Expedit bookcase over the other  bookcases.

The Expedit bookcase is designed to be placed against the wall with the enclosed wall fasteners. But if you plan on moving out frequently, this kind of bookcase is not advisable. The Expedit bookcase is priced  at $200, so it is  a great value for your money, taking into consideration its unique design and weight capacity.

The Expedit bookcase is very large which measures five feet in width. For people who require a lot of storage space, this is an excellent choice. On the contrary, if you don’t need a bookcase that is very large, you may opt for a different design  such as the Billy bookcase. This particular bookcase has a more conventional feature with six shelves that  have no divisions.

As a matter of fact, the Billy bookcase is the most well-liked Ikea bookcase because of  its typical design. And if you  need a bookcase that does not take up so much space, then the Ikea Billy bookcase is ideal in size at around three feet wide and six feet tall.

The mentioned bookcases are just two  among the many products of Ikea. For more selections, you can always look for their online catalogs available from the many retail stores. Although you would want to buy an Ikea bookcase, you can still make your purchase from other stores that carry the Ikea line of products. More often than not, these stores sell Ikea products at a lesser price compared to the manufacturers store.