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A guide to help you save cash on your home insurance policy

Want a guide to help you save cash on your home insurance policy? Here are just a few points that I have put together to enable you to get a better deal on your buildings and home contents insurance premiums.

You could look for buildings and contents separately. This will give you another idea of how good a deal you are getting. Is it cheaper to get these separately or not? Some companies offer free contents insurance when you buy their buildings insurance, this can be a good advantage but is this a good deal, ask yourself why would they give it free, is it that the buildings insurance premium is a higher to take in the free contents insurance, is it really free?

How many years no claims discount have you got on your insurance? This can sometimes make a big difference on the discount that may receive from the insurance company if you haven’t claimed for the last four or five years you may be able to receive a discount of between thirty and seventy percent. If you do make a claim is it viable, it may loose you your discount, work out the difference in the cost of the claim and the discount received. A Churchill home insurance online offers a good no claims bonus.

If you have a burglar alarm installed you may receive a discount from the insurance provider. If your burglar alarm is one of the approved installers e.g. NACCOS you may even be given an even bigger discount, and this all adds to the savings you can make. It sometimes makes sense to install one of these makes if you haven’t already got one and the insurance provider can give larger discounts.

If you are looking for contents insurance separately you may have to have an idea of how much your contents are worth, just go around your house a room at a time and give estimated values to the contents of your home.

I hope that you find this small guide useful and it will help you obtain a cheaper home insurance policy.