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Common features seen when you compare Home Insurance

If you compare home insurance with any other insurance plans, you will find that there are some common factors that affect the premium rate. When it comes to any insurance plan, the basic factor that drives the plan and the insurance assessor to calculate a premium for the cover is the risk factor. The basic criteria for getting insurance is after the assessment of the prospective buyer to find out how likely is he to file for a claim. The higher the likelihood, the higher is the insurance premium amount.

Hence, if you compare home insurance plans from different companies, there will be a few common factors that you will see despite the differences in the premium amount quotations for the same insurance cover. All the insurance plans will take into account the location of the house and assess it for its complete value minus any adjacent flat grounds around it. Only the house is considered and many a times, the total value of the house includes the content inside the house. The home insurance companies negate the overall value and offer a large percentage of this value as the insurance cover. Where the location is concerned, an insurance assessor’s job is to see how much risk the house is at being where it is. He will assess how much time and efforts will it take to douse it in case the house catches fire. Hence the distance from a fire station and immediate crime levels in the vicinity matter considerably. Crime rate is considered to assess the susceptibility of the house to robbery and theft.

Lastly if you compare home insurance plans, you will also find that one of the factors that affect the insurance premium amount is the material that the house is made up of. If the material is flammable, then the insurance premium is high.