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Home Garden Lighting – Two Types

The outdoor living spaces of homes can be used and enjoyed after the sun sets simply by adding home garden lighting. This brief article will discuss two types of garden lighting that offer homeowners the option to reduce their home energy consumption, while simultaneously lowering their electricity bills. Moreover these two types of lighting also tend to result in less harm to the natural environment. The two types of lighting are as follows:

(1) Solar lighting: solar lighting consumes no electricity, since by design, the solar lights use the suns energy to illuminate. Simply stated, the solar panel component of the solar lighting harnesses the sun’s energy during the day and uses it at night. Implicit to this design is the need to place the solar panels in the sun, so that they can function as designed. Otherwise, if the solar panels are not placed in locations that have abundant sunlight, this type of lighting system will not work well, or not work at all. Nonetheless, if the solar lighting is used in locations that have plenty of sun, they may be a good choice for homeowners to illuminate their gardens.

(2) Low voltage lighting: low voltage lighting consumes less electricity than standard home voltage lighting. This system works by using a low voltage power source. Simply stated, the standard home voltage is converted to low voltage, usually by use of a transformer. Given that less voltage is used, less electricity is consumed. However, also given that less voltage is used to illuminate, the lighting does not tend to be as bright when compared with lighting that uses the standard home voltage. Nonetheless, for some lighting applications, such as garden lighting, low voltage lighting may work sufficiently well while also consuming less electricity and consequently saving on energy bills.

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