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Unique Uses for Hinged Plastic Storage Boxes

plastic-storage-bin_FullHinged plastic storage boxes can be a bit unwieldy when storing them in a closet, as the extra bit of material that makes up the hinges can unbalance your tidy design by pushing the box out more than expected.  However, these specialty storage boxes are very useful around the house, perhaps in ways you haven’t thought of.

Why not paint one with fun, whimsical shapes and make a toy box?  Hinged plastic storage boxes are the right shape to be classic toy bins, and it’s always more fun for children when they can pull their toys out of what seems to be a treasure chest.  You could even make a small side income off of selling these attractive child’s bedroom furniture pieces using your own decorative style.

Another good use for more heavy-duty hinged plastic storage boxes is a piano bench.  As long as the box is equipped to handle the weight of someone sitting on it and is tall enough for the seated person to reach the piano, it doubles as both a bench and a storage box for all the sheet music.  It’s the poor man’s version of a leather bench with a hidden compartment.  Add a pillow on top for comfort!

Keep everything in the back of your vehicle clean — and still have room to put more things on top! — by using your hinged plastic storage boxes as car organizers.  The lid keeps you from having to snap something on and off constantly, and also lets you stack other items on top without fear of crushing what’s inside the box.  Plus, the boxes don’t have to just go in the back; you can keep one up front between the seats instead of a basket, or stick one in the back for the kids’ stuff (and as a footrest for the little ones).